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EWS have expanded significantly in the last years. We are running an African Safari Park in Portugal, consulting for several others and attending wildlife rescue centers.

At our Safari Park we manage a mixed enclosure of about 45 hectares with cork and pines trees, there is a variety of species ranging from Giraffes, Ostriches, buffalo and Springboks just to name a few. We also care for the funny small primates and our cousins the chimpanzees.

EWS was born In parallel they started with European wildlife services (EWS). EWS operates mainly in Portugal and Spain but has been involved in other projects in Angola and the Emirates. 

EWS provides professional and reliable wildlife veterinary services to the conservation and zoo industry and adds to the market the combined experience of 3 veterinarians with different backgrounds and areas of interest. EWS is equipped to perform advanced diagnosis and surgical procedures in “difficult” species or plan and execute the capture and translocation of large numbers of wild animals with the highest standards utilizing the most updated techniques, drugs and equipment.


Our Team

Joao Almeida, graduated in 2010 and have since been involved in wildlife veterinary work in several countries from Namibia to Angola and the Emirates as well as different European countries.In 2014 he completed the Masters in wild animal health with the Zoological society of London and the Royal veterinary college. “Since then my work has expanded and currently I run the only wildlife veterinary unit in Mozambique supporting all protected areas and private reserves in the country. My work includes (not limited to) wildlife capture and translocation, treatment of injured and sick endangered species, immobilization for research and collaring purposes. The most common species I deal with are elephant, rhinoceros, large predators (lions, leopard, cheetah and wild dog) and several antelopes. My work in Mozambique is supported by several NGOs the main one being Saving the survivors (”

Manuel Lamas, started his professional life working with horses in the UK and it has been extremely rewarding all along. The equine clinic was a really good place to gain clinical experience, expertise and permitted me to complete a Royal College Equine Practice Certificate in 2009. “But there was one late Sunday a few years ago that I was called out to a local safari park to help treating a Plains Zebra with a severe colic episode. That day stayed in my mind ever since. It was a good feeling that I couldn´t run away from.”

Graca Oliveira was invited to join EWS this year. “I worked in South Africa for 6 years as a Wildlife Veterinarian. My work in SA was focused around the treatment, transportation, rehabilitation and monitoring of several wild animals species. From African Antelopes, Buffalos, Rhinos, Giraffe, Lions through to Jackals and Hyenas. “A big part of my daily activities in SA involved treating and caring for rhinos that have been poached, rhino calves that had lost their moms and need constant care to later be reintroduced into the wild. As well as the dehorning of rhinos in an attempt to deter poachers from catching these precious creatures Being so focused on wildlife in general and conservation, I came to Portugal and worked with the Iberian Lynx and their reintroduction in the wild. When the project finished I decided to go England. Now I am here working with EWS” 


Our Courses

We offer a structured learning program where you will work at a local safari park and visit different farms with wild animals from the North to the South of Portugal. You will help at the local conservation centre with a variety of birds (seagulls, storks, howls). Will vary according to the work and weather conditions. The practical contents of each course will be announced 4 weeks in advanced. 

Please contact us for more details.

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