Epifania Spanish Language School

Epifania Spanish Language School teaches Spanish to students of all ages. We offer an exciting and fun approach to learning Spanish as a second language.

With stimulating Spanish teachers, interesting fellow students and Spanish language improvement, your time with Epifania will be rewarding and stimulating.


Study Abroad in Costa Rica at Epifania Spanish School

At Epifania Spanish Language School, Spanish students of all ages will enjoy a truly rewarding, fun and exciting experience of learning Spanish as a new language. With stimulating Spanish teachers, interesting fellow Spanish students and Spanish language improvement, your time with us will be very productive and gratifying.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or you are at a more advanced level you will receive our full attention so that your commitment to time and expense is as effective, rewarding and productive as possible.Epifania Spanish Language School is a medium size Spanish language school with a team of highly qualified and dedicated Spanish professors.

All our Spanish teachers are University graduates and possess the required qualifications to guarantee a good quality of Spanish language teaching. Their interactive and motivating lessons respect the personalities of each individual. Their experience in teaching Spanish coupled with their friendliness and strong interpersonal skills enable them to adapt to the specific needs of each Spanish students group. Their skills will enable you to progress at your own speed in a friendly, warm and inviting atmosphere.

Class sizes are small, usually two to four Spanish students and never more than six per qualified Spanish teacher. Small classes are the perfect environment for you to learn Spanish in a more efficient manner allowing you to receive the benefits of individualized instruction.

Our main priority is to give the most attention to each Spanish students specific needs. As a result, our expert team has carefully put together educational learning Spanish packages consisting of high quality Spanish courses and accommodations as well as a widely varied leisure learning Spanish program.

Epifania Spanish Language School is located in the quiet suburb of Curridabat, Costa Rica, a twenty minute bus ride to San Jose. We are a ten minute walk to the modern Multiplaza del Este Mall, a shopping mall featuring restaurants, shops, and discos.

Should you decide to study with us and learn to speak Spanish or to brush up on your skills, you may choose to stay with a Costa Rican family. There you will have your own private room, two meals per day and laundry service. Each host family is carefully chosen and has clean, comfortable and secure homes close to the school.

The team at Epifania Spanish Language School looks forward to welcoming you and making your stay with us both productive and stimulating.


Epifania Spanish Volunteer Programs

The Epifania Volunteer Program is designed for persons that, besides studying Spanish, wish to volunteer in social, cultural or ecological projects. You can work in volunteer projects and study Spanish at the same time or, in other projects, the student has to study Spanish first and then work in a Volunteer project.

The volunteer opportunities offered through Epifania Spanish School are for persons at least 18 years of age and registered for classes at Epifania Spanish School for a minimum of one week. Are you thinking of bringing a group to study Spanish and work in Social, Cultural or Ecological projects in Costa Rica?

If you have 8 or more participants, please contact Wagner Freer to begin planning your Spanish immersion adventure and Volunteer Program! We offer two types of volunteer programs. One type is where you study Spanish in the mornings and volunteer with social and cultural projects in the afternoon.

You can volunteer to work as many or as few hours as you wish. These types of programs include working with disadvantaged youths, teaching English, teaching sports and other types of social volunteer work. These types of volunteer projects require a minimum of one week.

The other type of volunteer program is where you study Spanish for two weeks at Epifania and then go to a volunteer ecological or conservation site. The site could be at a beach where you would help with sea turtle conservation or perhaps in a rain forest or other locations.

You will have room and board at the site and it will be clean and safe but somewhat spartan. These type programs require a minimum stay of four weeks, two weeks studying Spanish and two weeks in the field.

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