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English Wizards seeks to connect English teachers to teaching jobs in the heart of Central Europe through our collection of revolutionary new programs.

At our heart and core, we are a community of teachers. Every teacher on our programs receive our full support in finding the best possible teaching placement and starting a new life in Europe.

English Wizards is a word-class teacher training and support organization based in Krakow, Poland. We cooperate with over 150 schools and langauge centers all over Poland to place our teachers. Our partner schools truly offer something for everybody; we have teachers teaching the youngest of toddlers all the way up to advanced business professionals. 

Our training courses are accreditted by Cambridge English as CELT-P and CELT-S certification programs, and lead by a team of DELTA-certifed instructors with over a decade of experience. 

The CELT-P and CELT-S are among the most reputable and highest-regarding ESL qualifications in the world, accredited by the UK government as OFQUAL Level-5. Uniquely, our certification programs you will undertake your training while simultaneously teaching at a real school - and getting paid of course! Rather than investing months of your life into training with the hopes of landing a job afterwards, with English Wizards you will begin your paid teaching placement immediately after a one-week intensive face-to-face course. This means no job hunting, and no gambling on the promise that your certification might get you a job!

We are proud to be one of the few legitimate teaching programs in Europe that can provide full work visa assistance for non-European citizens. All teachers on our programs will come to to Europe to complete their training with the right visa in their passport allowing you to legally live and work on the continent. 

Beyond our training programs, we provide the highest-level of in-country support for all of our teachers. We'll help you find an apartment, open a bank account, and perhaps most importantly, feel welcome and supported in your new home.

Costs / Pay

Teachers on our programs are paid at the "market rate" for ESL teachers in Poland. Generally, salaries for native teachers range between €8 and €16 per hour, depending on your experience and qualifications. With a typical teaching workload of 20-25 hours per week, a teacher should expect to earn something in the range of €750 to €1500 per month. Considering the low costs of living in Poland, this allows for a fairly comfortable lifestyle, covering everyday life as well as some “extras” such as regional travel around Central Europe.

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English Wizards Reviews

Agency Scam Probably

I would normally rate English Wizards very highly because my experience in the summer internship really helped me get my footing in teaching and in Poland, but I really want people to know what they of course DON'T tell you after the fairy dust settles. EW isn't going to tell you that 1) they're pretty much operating as an agency, a go between, and that most well paying schools/clients in Poland don't work with agencies. They don't need to. 2) Their business model takes advantage of foreigners - mostly Americans - who are trying to escape from the chaos in their country or bad life decisions and don't know how teaching/living in Europe works. This is the key to their marketing. 3) What you could get for the price of the internship you could easily obtain an online TEFL/TOEFL and open up a private business in Poland for FREE, which is more respected and better paid in the eyes of the schools that are hiring. Plus, those schools will happily give you hands on training, and sometimes even finance further education. 4) EW does not expect nor encourage you to stay with them for more than a year - they even say this during orientation - as eventually the teachers get tired or realize that teachers from outside the program get better jobs and pay. Some break their contract early because they discover Point #3 and the jobs they connect teachers with are either all day with kids (no problem) or 10hrs/wk in the evenings at a language school. If you don't work with kids, the salary isnt sustainable. 5) Last but not least - this one's a doozy - as an agency, English Wizards charges an agency FEE, of course, which is either a flat fee or a percentage of your salary. So you pay for them to submit your residency paperwork, you pay them to make their clients available to you, and you STILL pay them even when they cease to be useful to you. We're not talking about paying an accountant - that makes sense - this is paying to keep EW running. You decide whether this business model is for you or not. I hope this honesty helps you. If you really want to work as a teacher in Poland, that's amazing and I wish you success. But if you're trying to escape from your life or if your uni diploma didn't give you the life you expected, don't get desperate. There are plenty of opportunities for you regardless of the cards you've been dealt.

By: Olivia Chantiller
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 0

Waste of time

Their administration is abysmal. I have never once not had issues with pay as for their job board every single job is on Dave's ESL and other sites. They almost be never answer any inquiries. They do absolutely nothing and take a cut from your wage

By: Jon
Nationality: British
Age: 0

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