English Volunteers for Change (EVOLC)

English Volunteers for Change (EVOLC) is a unique non-profit volunteer program which was established by ALIARSE and Costa Rica Multilingüe, a government sponsored initiative that seeks to create a bilingual Costa Rica.

EVOLC was established in 2009 with the enthusiasm of 5 volunteers, and has brought more than 120 volunteers to Costa Rica to date. EVOLC grows with the commitment of volunteers worldwide and the support of a wide range of national and international organizations.

Our program is supported by the Ministry of the Presidency of Costa Rica, the Ministry of Tourism, various local development associations, public and private enterprises, and the ALIARSE Foundation.

Our volunteers contribute to the sustainable development of the continuously thriving tourism sector in Costa Rica as well as impoverished rural and urban communities. Our volunteers positively affect the lives of students, teachers and community members.

We have placements all over the country in community centers, public schools and through the National Institute for Education! Volunteers can be teaching assistants or lead teachers depending on their desire and experience!

Our program options are ongoing opportunities, and start dates can be negotiated to meet the needs of the volunteers. We offer programs between 5 weeks and 1 year.

Prices differ by length of stay and are listed on our website under the different program options. As a nonprofit organization, the cost of the program goes directly to the meals, transportation and accommodation of volunteers.

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