ELIX is a Civil, Non Profit Company, founded in 1987, to promote volunteerism in Greece such as environmental protection, the preservation of cultural heritage, the promotion of culture and social cohesion.

Since it was first established in 1987, ELIX has implemented a number of voluntary actions in various regions of Greece in order to protect the environment, to preserve cultural heritage, to promote non-formal education and to strengthen social cohesion, while it has sent thousands of volunteers from Greece to workcamps abroad.

At the same time, ELIX has designed and implemented a series of social programs, aiming at strengthening social inclusion, protecting the rights of socially vulnerable groups and serving their needs.



One of ELIX's main missions is to promote volunteerism in Greece and abroad by strengthening the organized volunteer movement and sending thousands of volunteers from Greece and Cyprus to workcamps around the world, as well as by welcoming volunteers from abroad who contribute to the successful implementation of our social programs in Greece.

For more than three decades, thousands of young people have become "citizens of the world", traveling around the globe and offering their help on the farthest corners of the planet, where they had the opportunity to experience new cultures and ideas, global values and unique experiences.

The growing demand shows that the younger generations realize the role of each individual on a global scale and we want to be able to facilitate this commitment in the best possible way.

There are many different reasons for becoming a volunteer such as:

  • to feel the satisfaction of volunteering
  • to travel around the world at low cost
  • to meet people from different countries
  • to improve your knowledge of a foreign language
  • to make new friends from all over the world
  • to discover new aspects and competences of yourself
  • to enrich your CV improving skills beyond your basic education
  • to have fun

Most hosting organizations are members of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations, which ensures the high level of programs provided.

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