ElephantsWorld was founded in 2008 and is a sanctuary for sick, old, disabled, abused and rescued elephants, who will receive the rest and joy that they deserve.

ElephantsWorld was founded in 2008 to function as a ‘retirement home’ for elephants that have been injured enduring their work, or are too old to continue with this type of work. We are a non-profit organization, meaning we are funded exclusively by visitors and donations and every cent we earn goes towards making our elephants lives as pleasant as possible and of course retiring new elephants.

So, when you are in Thailand and you wish to spend time with these magnificent animals, please consider a visit to ElephantsWorld. We are 32 km from the city of Kanchanaburi or 180 km from Bangkok. The activities you will take part in during your stay help us and our elephants. We would not survive without your help. Enjoy your day with the elephants and leave knowing you have helped, not harmed them.

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