Our Spanish courses in Buenos Aires are structured to make learning Spanish fun and interesting. 

Your learning and progress will be carefully monitored to make sure that you are getting as much out of the course as possible. Wanna learn something specific? No problem! Our courses are aimed at accommodating learners and what they need.



  • Individual Spanish Course
  • Spanish & Internship
  • Family Program
  • Dele / Celu Preparation
  • Tefl Course + Job Opportunities!
  • Spanish Online Course
  • Kick-Off Semester Abroad
  • Study Abroad (4 Wks)
  • Volunteer Work & Spanish
  • Spanish & Medicine
  • Spanish & Business
  • Events


Why Study With Us

  • Our staff is extremely personable and will bend over backwards to make sure that your time in Buenos Aires with Elebaires School is unforgettable and constantly rewarding. Please see the about us section for more details.
  • Our Spanish teachers are excellent at what they do and are university trained in Spanish-language instruction. They will not only teach you Spanish but will also make an effort to befriend you and get to know you.
  • Our teaching method includes, direct, active learning techniques through the presentation of language grammar structures, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions within the context of the most useful subjects for attaining fluency as quickly as possible. We guarantee a fast and fun way of learning Spanish, guided by a young and professional team!
  • Our school is located in the beautiful and historical Palacio Barolo. Our classrooms are extremely comfortable, with lots of natural light. We also have WiFi internet and a free coffee bar available all day long for our students. The environment is friendly, supportive, encouraging, relaxed and professional. We make you feel comfortable and ensure you are constantly taken care of.
  • Our accommodation in family homestays and shared student apartments is rigorously screened to make sure they meet Elebaires´ high student housing standards. If you choose to live with locals, they will be warm, friendly and hospitable in helping you integrate and adjust to life in Argentina.
  • Our student life opportunities include numerous social and cultural activities, day trips, weekend excursions and safety assurances that ensure you will make new friends and have engaging cultural experiences all while learning Spanish.


More Reasons to Choose Our Language School

  • Our support services are of the utmost quality with intricate attention to detail. We make sure that all of your needs and special requests are looked after around the clock.
  • Our country’s exchange rate makes now an excellent time to come to Buenos Aires. It is one of the cheapest city’s to study abroad in so get here while its still affordable and experience all that this cosmopolitan capital city has to offer!
  • Our prices are extremely reasonable and include a ton of bang for your buck! We make sure our programs are affordable, don’t charge a registration fee and we include all course materials and support services in our program cost. Also, our entire reputable network of trip, activity, accommodation, workshop and support services providers is at your fingertips; all you have to do is tell us what you would like!

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Elebaires Reviews


Elebaires is one of the best language schools I have been to in every aspect. It is a family-run, super friendly and welcoming atmosphere where the classes are small and the extra attention to detail is everthing. I went from having classes with them, to an internship to complete change my outlook on life and came back years later to live in Buenos Aires. Nearly 4 years later and choosing Elebaires from the list of languages schools in BA was the best decision I ever made. Could not recommend this place more.

By: Charlotte
Nationality: British
Age: 28

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