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Our Educational Center offers high quality Russian language and cultural study programs, provides volunteer opportunities, runs summer and winter camps for children and teenagers, organizes tourist programs.

We believe that the individual approach and complete language and cultural immersion, that we apply in our school, are the most effective methods of language learning and expanding your knowledge of the local culture. You can expect a warm and friendly atmosphere along with professional service. Our goal is that you have the most enjoyable and worthwhile experience possible during your stay with us.

Siberia has been opening up to the West and offers a range of still unexplored experiences and opportunities. As the cultural, scientific and educational center of Siberia and the third largest city of Russia (after Moscow and St.Petersburg), surrounded by picturesque wooded and field areas, Novosibirsk is an excellent place for immersion in the Russian language and culture, and provides many opportunities to experience the hospitality and cordiality Siberians are famous for.

Volunteer for the Children's Camp in Novosibirsk, Siberia, joining a group of volunteers from different countries, spend 2-8 weeks working at the children's camp, living and having fun together while helping a community.

We are looking for native speakers of English, German, French, Spanish and other languages, who would like to be Volunteer Teachers of their language and Volunteer Creativity Workshop Coordinators at our winter and summer children's camps. Our Volunteer opportunities are designed for people of diverse backgrounds so there are few requirements for participation.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. No previous teaching experience is required. University students are eligible to apply as volunteer teachers/creativity workshop coordinators. We are looking for people who are energetic, enthusiastic, open-minded, sociable, enjoy camp experiences, are willing to share their knowledge and culture.

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