Ecology Internship in St Petersburg, Russia

Company : Educa Russian Language School
Duration: 4 weeks to 3 weeks
Approx Costs: 250 to 500 € Euro

When considering interning, make sure it gives you training and experience in your chosen field of ecology so that it’s relevant for future employment.

It’s a well-known fact that, when starting out, ecologists often conduct surveys to identify, record and monitor species and their habitats. With career progression, work is likely to become more wide-ranging, with senior ecologists getting more involved in policy and management work.


Minimum Duration:

1 month


Needed experience:

A degree in a biological science or environmental subject is required



  • Placement Fee: 450 Euros
  • Standard Russian Course (price/1 week): 155 Euros
  • Host Family Accomodation (price/1 week): from 165 Euros

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