The EDEN Center is one of the most active non-governmental organizations in Albania working in the field of environmental protection and developmen

EDEN center promotes the concept of sustainable development with governmental institutions and assists state authorities in drafting environmental policies and programs. It also supports local initiatives for environmental education and strengthens cooperation among environmental NGOs, local structures, business and other key actors. EDEN center develops educational programs, publishes related materials and organises public events aimed at increasing public awareness about the environment.

We give opportunity to every young people, coming from different background to find interest and space to contribute in our work, activities and most important the environment in which they live


What does EDEN center offer for its volunteers?

  • Resource Center with a fund of more than 500 publications.
  • Office facilities and internet access.
  • Support topics and information for students who hold a diploma on environmental issues
  • Personal development (capacity building) through involvement in different projects and activities that we develop as an environmental centre. 
  • Involvement in activities at home and abroad
  • Enabling environment that gives life to new ideas
  • Friendships with young people from different countries and cultures, social background


What does EDEN center requires from its volunteers?

  • Sensitivity (showing interest) to environmental issues
  • Desire to work in group
  • Desire and willingness to be involved in the organization's projects
  • Responsiveness to commitments
  • New ideas
  • Energy and humor

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