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Ecuadent is a non-profit organization built on the talent of dedicated volunteers.

About Ecuadent

Volunteer healthcare professionals from all over the United States travel to impoverished villages of Ecuador and deliver free medical and dental care to children in need.

Ecuadent is a growing organization and presently treats over 2,000 children each year and reaches over 15,000 by instructing in methods of dental hygiene and distributing thousands of toothbrushes, the majority of which go to children who have never owned one.

Tammy Fesche, Executive Director, founded Ecuadent in 1990 to fulfill her commitment to help the poor people of her country.

During each mission, Ecuadent volunteers provide desperately needed treatments from cleft lip and palate surgeries to difficult dental extractions. Housed and hosted by the Army and Navy of Ecuador, Ecuadent volunteers are able to make full use of the hospitals' modest facilities.

Ecuadent volunteers pay their own airfare and donate their services. To raise funds and supplies needed, we seek both private and corporate sponsorship. Without this generous support, the miracle we bring to each child's life would not be possible.

Eventually, Ecuadent plans to build a small hospital in a central location to provide health care year round. This would mean medical care could be provided as soon as a problem is diagnosed, rather than waiting for many months for an Ecuadent team to arrive. With a permanent facility, ecuadent would be able to correct life-threatening health problems. Access to health care should be a right for Ecuadorian children, not a privilege.

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