Ecologia Youth Trust

Ecologia Youth Trust promotes the welfare of young people by providing safe secure learning environments in which they can discover and develop their potential to make a contribution to their communities while safeguarding the environment.

Our volunteers receive the benefits of being immersed in a new culture is a safe environment. They also have the satisfaction of being able to make a real contribution to the lives of children who have had a tough start in life, and learning about how to live in a sustainable community. We run three month volunteer placements at Kitezh/Orion Children's Communities in Russia & 3 - 12 month placements at International Peace Initiatives Meru District, Kenya. For more information, check our webiste

Duration / Dates

Three month placements.
See our website for details.

Costs / Pay

Three months £1,450. Costs include Pre-Departure information and support, Visa Support, transfers to/from destination airport, accommodation, meals and support from Ecologia Youth Trust before, during and after your volunteering stay.

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