Eco Caminhos

We are an eco farm set up for eco tourism offering free vocational training for young adults. We are located in Nova Friburgo a town with approximately 180.000 inhabitants is arround the corner (30 minutes by car). A bus stops 500 meters from the volunteer house.  

We are idealist with a great amount of experience in social projects, engineering, management, entrepeneurship and educating brazilian youth. We know what it takes to set up a project in Brazil as we have lived and worked in Brazil for close to 7 years.. We will face many challenges and know we will need the help of others to realise our dreams. We like to lead by example and look forward to find the right people to join our project.


What We Offer:

  • Bioconstruction projects 
  • Vocational training for teenagers and young adults 
  • Organic food production and restaurant 
  • Accommodation for tourists (future)
  • Renewable energy production (future)



Eco Caminhos offers long term volunteer positions. We see volunteering as an opportunity to get to know each other for a possible long term partnership. The Eco Caminhos team currently exists of people from Brazil, The Netherlands, The United Kingdon, Trindidad and Tobago, United States and Mexico.

We are looking for hard working people who like to make their hand dirty  We have 40 hour work weeks and we all start and end working together. Currently we are bulding a Cob House and soon we will start with farming.

At Eco Caminhos we expect people to help out on the farm where needed. Until September all energy of volunteers will be directed to finish the cob walls of our first bio-construction. Once the walls are ready we will divide the group into bio-construction and organic farming. 

This our actual routine:

  • we leave the volunteer house at 6:45
  • at noon volunteers prepare a warm meal.
  • we finish work arround 15:30 - 16:00 hours
  • we work from monday - friday. Weekends are off.



  • Carpenter
  • Cob House Builder / construction with natural materials
  • Organic Farming Specialist
  • Permaculture Designer



You should meet the following criteria:

  1. Share our vision
  2. Well Experienced in permaculture design
  3. Hands on, lead by example. We are not looking for
  4. Someone who will solely tell others what to do.
  5. Willingness to move to our location.
  6. Interest in training children, teens and young adults.
  7. Planning to stay for a minimum period of 5 years.



You will be offered accomodation. You become part of Colmeia Eco Farm and will become one of the managing participants able to share in future profits. In case you invest you can also become shareholder

There are 2 ways to get compensated for the project:

  • a) We make a plan together, we make one price for the   complete job, you come to build one house with our help 
  • b) You become part of Colmeia Eco Farm, receive food and accomodation and a small stipend. You become one of the managing participants and share in future profits. We do prefer option b.


Income Generation

Eco Caminho differs from communities in the fact that people who are able to generate income will be able to generate their own salary. The only conditions Eco Caminhos is that any projects fits with the Eco Caminhos vision and that people who generate income have worked voluntarily a few months. 

A few ideas:

  • Eco Caminho Club where people become associates and receive montly fruite and vegetable boxes delivered at home at a fixed price.
  • Sell workshops and training
  • Sell Eco-building concepts to individual and companies.

Once Eco Caminhos starts generating serious income people who make the difference will earn their fair profit share.


Free Accomodation and Basic Food

Eco Caminhos offers simple but comfortable accomodation. You will living next to the Eco Farm. Rooms are shared by 2 people. There is 1 shared kitchen. 1 volunteer will be responsible for food purchase. There is a limited budget available for bread, eggs, milk, meat, vegetables and fruits. As we have no productive farm yet we do not cover expensive organic products. All extra's are on volunteer's own account. There will be internet available in the houses. There is a location for internet but it does not allways work and the connection is slow. The neighbourhood is 100% safe and the people in the town are nice.

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