Ecela Spanish

Learn Spanish at our schools in Argentina (Buenos Aires / Mendoza), Chile (Santiago / Viña del Mar), and Peru (Lima / Cusco). Study Spanish in South America & fall in love with its cultures (and people).


Our Spanish Immersion Program

Spanish Courses
Top teachers guide you with caring (but demanding) instruction. Mini-group classes are split between grammar and conversation, so you won't just be "good on paper."

Cultural Activities
Classes are supplemented with cultural activities, such as learning to cook empanadas (above). Weekend excursions include trips to nearby nature or historic sites.

Activities - Details & Photos (Optional) Homestay
Live with a local host to get additional Spanish practice (and true cultural immersion). You may also share an apartment with other students.


Start Dates

At Ecela all six of our schools are open 52 weeks per year.


Class Fees

Class prices are the same at each of our schools. Programs are from 2-24 weeks.​ (For content comparison, 6 weeks is about two college semesters or high school years)

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Ecela Spanish Reviews

Three Months of Travel and 5 Ecela Schools

Ecela was the perfect vehicle for my travels through South America. I studied at 5 of their 6 schools in 3 different countries. I could have gone to other cites and taken classes with other schools, but this kept my learning cohesive by staying with Ecela. It was a wonderful learning opportunity! The teachers, the cultural activities, and the coordination with host families are top notch! I simply got online, did a bit of research, and someone reached out and helped me plan my own personal experience.

By: Chelsie
Nationality: United States
Age: 30

5 weeks in Cusco, Perú

Mi tiempo en Cusco era increíble! Aprendí mucho con los maestros de Ecela y recibí la confianza que necesité para hablar con los nativos depues la segunda semana! I got to explore so many ancient Incan ruins and eat lots of different types of foods. I was a little nervous about being 'black and traveling' (only a few will understand), however I really had nothing to be nervous about. The people are super nice, they all loved my hair, maneuvering around was relatively easy, and the walking around is the right amount of exercise a person needs. Regresaré a Cusco con mi familia un día! 🇵🇪

By: Brittani Johnson
Nationality: African American
Age: 22

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