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Joining one of our 120 Earthwatch expeditions offers you the chance to explore parts of the world you might otherwise never see.

Amaze yourself by the things you can do and to get some real hands-on experience in helping to solve some of the world's most pressing environmental issues including climate change.

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Earthwatch Institute Reviews

Uncovering the mysterious of Colorado!

I had an amazing time on the Earthwatch expedition! I learned about the ancient Pueblo community and how they survived and strived! I enjoyed the experience the most when it came to connecting with the environment, the amazing people, and the education I received. As a 16 year old girl, I am now more confident with my future of being an environmental scientist, this is thanks to Earthwatch! I also learned to communicate with fellow teens from across the country and became more aware of the environmental issues tackled in my community. I am extremely grateful and hope that many people can gain the experience I did.

By: Trinity Salazar
Nationality: White
Age: 16

Earthwatch Student Challenge - Calperum Station

It was the most thrilling experience I've ever had! I met wonderful like-minded people who turned into my friends, of which I will cherish forever. As well as going out into the field and working alongside scientists to record data on Black Box Trees, and animals in the Murray Darling Basin, to help protect them if need be. It was a trip of a lifetime, one I will never forget, and one that I would want others to be able to experience!

By: Tyler
Nationality: Australian
Age: 18

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