Dubrovnik Language school

We offer language courses for English, German, Italian, French and Croatian language in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Although we use the term ”course” , it is’ ‘too simple’ word for the circled, integrated, multilayered and experienced educational process that we design, implement, evaluate and improve day by day, and which includes:

  • Quality education that proves its quality by excellent results and bases it on the pedagogical conceptualization of programs, innovative teaching methods and excellent realization during which we adapt to the individual characteristics of group and individuals.
  • The opportunity for conversation with native speakers who lead, guide and support the development of language competence with their knowledge and professional qualifications.
  • Individual approach that involves supervision of the activities and progress of each learner, and individual weekly feedback, which you will not find in any other language school in the world.
  • Historical and cultural environment of the city of Dubrovnik by which language training is separated out of the traditional classroom environment and placed ¸in inspiring and encouraging learning environment; and opportunities for spending spare time are numerous because of the cultural wealth and natural beauty of the site.
  • The ancient Greeks were well aware of the importance of free time. During leisure arised all those thoughts about human, nature and the universe, which are fundamentals of modern sciences. We have taken this good practice by including free time in daily schedule so the learners would have enough time for fun, relaxing, socializing, and processing the impressions and datas gathered during the class! Free time can be spend on the beach, in the city, at the school area, on field trips, in sports activities, etc.
  • Language course on sailing boat – this is our original form of the school in nature. sailing between 1000 islands is an indescribably stimulating learning environment! While brain gray matter is breathing in the beauty and azure, it seems like it is increasing its capacity.
  • Learning is not only ” absorption” of facts, or skills ”training”, it is the process of building mental capacity and personality features; so the experience of language, nature, culture and people is an important part of our educational process. Brain, senses, mind and feelings activity creates educational experience that we seek.
  • The possibility of finding huge wealth. Such language learning organization in the end will make you richer, not only for knowledge of the language, but also for at least one – friend.


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