Drava Federation (Dráva Szövetség)

The Drava Federation was established in 2003 through the cooperation of three non-govern­mental organizations with the purpose of ad­dressing nature conservation in the Drava Basin. 

Join the Drava Federation Conservational Volunteer Programs!

Get involved in the diversified methods of nature conservation by joining our volunteer program in the Drava Basin! Work together with several professionals in the mornings, and have some amazing fun time during the afternoons!


You should join our program to:

  • visit Europe's one the most unique natural areas in Hungary and Northern-Croatia
  • gain experience in nature and wildlife conservation via the work you do and presentations from ur professionals from our civil organisation and national parks
  • learn the region's typical, rare and protected species and habitats (Natura 2000, IUCN Red list, protected sp.)
  • get a glimpse of the region's culture, tradtions, gastronomy! Fun activities: trips, kayaking, canoeing, photography, bird-watching, boat-trips, wine-tasting...etc.


Our goals:

  • The long-term conservation of the Drava Basin’s natural environment, including ecological stability and sustainability of the environment
  • Professional control and coordination of Drava Basin tourism, support of real ecotourism
  • Environmental education, presentation of natural values
  • Observation and control of investment & economical activities in the Drava Basin
  • Conservation and revival of regional traditions & traditional agricultural methods
  • Professional and moral support for the inhabitants of the Drava Basin
  • Observation of the environmental loads affecting the Drava River, studying input and outcome of local sources of pollution
  • Furtherance for the establishment of a cross boarder Drava national park
  • Quality improvement and protection of the Drava River’s water, as being one of the 21st century’s strategic freshwater resources
  • Landscape conservation


What we do:

  • With the “Our living river, the Drava” program, we are continuously engaging in scientific surveys and environmental education in the Drava Region
  • Take part in various national & international research programs currently being undertaken by universities and academies (such as The Czech Academy of Sciences or the Botanical Garden of Wroclaw University)
  • Our organization is continuously putting efforts into the interdiction of hydroelectric power planned on the Drava River by the Croatian Government; and trying to stop all nature damaging activities on the Drava and Mura rivers (gravel mining, gratuitous river regulations)
  • We are performing expert work in Lake Balaton and its catchment area, as well as interdicting nature damaging investments
  • The Drava Federation’s colleagues are the experts of several nature films
  • We are members of the Drava Basin Water Management Council, the South-Transdanubian Regional Civil Forum, the Environmental- and Conservational NGO-s National Council and the Little Balaton Advisory Board
  • Our articles have been published in national and international journals and we have participated in several international scientific conferences
  • Our organization has been working together with several NGOs from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic and Italy (Dravska Liga (Cr) WWF Austria, Euronatur (D). Also, we work closely with numerous Hungarian associations (WWF Hungary, DEF, Green Zala Association) and national parks (Duna-Drava National Park)


Our programs:

  • Our living river, the Drava” Program
  • Wetlands Program
  • Alder Moors Conservation Program
  • Viper Conservation Program
  • Orchid Conservation Program
  • Environmental Education
  • River Tour Guide Training
  • Wildlife and Conservation Volunteer Program

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Drava Federation (Dráva Szövetség) Reviews

The time I’ve spent was like a dream

One day I’m in Tokyo, Japan and the next thing I know, I’m in Hungary warmly welcomed to the Conservation Volunteer program. The program was professionally organized that I really had nothing to worry about.
Having a chance to travel around so many places within the short stay; Being able to feel and see the nature was a whole new experience for me.
Not only the nature but from the days spent, I’ve also got to learn about the culture and history. I already miss the wine haha

Can’t thank you enough for the unforgettable experience. I hope to come back another season and I hopefully by then, I’ll be able to somewhat communicate in Hungarian as well.

By: Saki N
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 27

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