Dogs Mountain Sanctuary

Dogs Mountain Sanctuary Established 2006. A desperately needed sanctuary for dogs rescued from the Dog meat trade, streets, slaughter houses & kill pounds.

This dog and animal sanctuary was established in 2006. A privately funded and run venture founded by John Hughes, an Artist from Brighton, UK.  The Sanctuary was set up to rescue dogs from cruelty, neglect and abandonment, and is set in a beautiful location lying at the foot of it's own mountain land full of  undisturbed wildlife.  This is home over 200 plus  dogs, 10 cats and 8 live in Filipino carers who look after their daily needs. 
Volunteers for Dogs Mountain Sanctuary is always in need of monetary donation for the animals at the Sanctuary, Our largest expenses is veterinary care for sick dogs and injured, and food all the dogs have a each a special diet, maintenance the sanctuary, eat, 
If you share the same concerns and interest in animals as Dogs Mountain,consider joining us our program. and also Veterinary and Vets Nurse are welcome too as well. 
If you're interested in volunteering and have a passion and love for animals then our Dogs Mountain volunteer program would be a wonderful experience for you! 
We present a fantastic and unique opportunity to experience something really special as during your stay, you will help care for over 200 plus courageous canines. Many have been rescued from the illegal dog meat trade and have very sad backgrounds. Your love, care and affection means so very much to our dogs that have been treated very badly by humans in the past. 
If you decide to undertake our volunteer program please know in your heart that your effort and contribution makes a huge difference to our cause. We can't change their traumatic pasts but we can certainly brighten their future and make the present moment magical.  
You will make a positive impact in a number of ways, not only to the dogs lives but also to ours.
You will experience the joy of bonding with the dogs and the pure fulfillment of helping animals experience unconditional love. It's a special experience and very character building.
You'll will meet different people around the world and get to immerse yourself in a completely different culture. The Philippines is vibrant and exciting with an abundance of beauty all around, it's certainly a must see place! 
The Volunteer projects have a minimum of One week stay is required, and upwards of Two,Three,Four weeks and the maximum 3 months. You can add as many extra  weeks as you like ( within visa restriction ) 
We ask for a UDS$ 310 a week per person, one off payments to cover all the cost. 
Price range on activity and duration. Open all year around. 
Start & dates Every week
What's Included:
: Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off
: Food Three times a Day 
:  Accommodation 
: We provide a good Internet Connection with FREE WIFI! 
: Satelite TV 
What's Not Included:
: Flight
:Travel Insurance
: Visas Cost
: Personal expenses
You always get a day off so you can explore our local treasures, markets, the beach, lush landscapes and mountain hikes.
The dog sanctuary is located in North Luzon which is roughly about an 5 hour bus ride north of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. 
(a basic shared room with a fan, hot shower an ensuite bathroom) and 3 home cooked, delicious meals per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We offer Vegan and Vegetarian meals and please feel free to advise us of any dietary restriction in advance so we can be best prepared for your stay with us. 
We strongly encourage volunteers to spend a more weeks or longer at our sanctuary. when the volunteer stay for a few weeks, they build close relationship with the animal. you know they are rescue from the dog meat trade, some are neglect, abandon, abused , some them are old. need more love and caring, we particularly
need volunteer who enjoyed caring give so much love to the dogs. 
Many of our volunteer fall in love with the dogs or cat not only that they fall in love the sanctuary , its haven for them. volunteers can give a loving home in the arms. might they can meet best friends too. 
Not only will your help around the sanctuary be greatly appreciated, your contribution goes directly towards to the animals needs by funding their dog food, veterinary care, vitamins and supplements as well as day to day operations of the sanctuary. you will be able to help others whilst helping yourself  develop personally. You will benefit personally and professionally , this be a fresh new learning experience. 
The day starts at  7:00 am until  5pm everyday 
There is a mid morning break at  10:00am for  20mins and  Lunch is taken early afternoon for 90minutes. Usually from midday until 1.30pm
: food preparation 
: feeding the dogs twice daily
: washing dog bowls
: cleaning the kennels 
: bathing the dogs
: clipping the dog nails
: office and admin work
: Generally cleaning and Maintenance of  the sanctuary
: socializing with dogs / giving lots of  love and attention to these grateful creatures
Dogs Mountain, Philippines the primary role of a volunteer at our sanctuary , is to socialise to trust to human. almost of the dogs are former rescue from the dog meat trade, the dogs not really like leads, they trauma, and cooking ,washing blanket , we strongly encourage volunteer to spend a month or longer at our sanctuary, when the volunteer stay for attest a few weeks, they build a close relationship with the animals, Many of our volunteers fall in love with one of the dogs or cats even at our sanctuary, 
Our Dogs looking forward to meet you guys, come enjoin our wonderful venture!!!


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