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Dive Discovery Travel was launched in 1991 specializing in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia and the Red Sea.

We offer trips to exotic locations utilizing the best dive and land adventure specialists. Let us help you prepare a specialized itinerary to any of our unique destinations.


Group Trips

Escorted scuba diving tours with our experienced Dive Discovery staff to smooth the way. Don't have a dive / travel buddy? These dive trips will introduce you to a new group of diving friends.

This all came about when I started visiting dive destinations as a travel agent. You know, that tedious job of getting to know about how the dive boats really look, if the toilets flush or back up, if the air conditioning works, how many u/w photographers can we actually fit on one boat without killing each other?. How big are the rinse tanks, do they actually change the water? Marine life? What kind? Currents, how fast? You know what I mean. Boring travel agent stuff!

So gradually our clients began to ask about joining me on these mundane job necessities and we decided to offer escorted dive tours. Every year now Dive Discovery offers several escorted group trips to exotic dive destinations in the Pacific, South East Asia, Indian Ocean and Africa. Basically we only offer the best diving in the world along with an extension for a land adventure or something very interesting in the area. I fully believe we must experience the culture and topside beauty that awaits us in these very special dive destinations.

Many of our group trips are composed of past clients, "friends" we have made over the years. Often times we plan our destination for the next group trip during surface intervals. Our trips have brought divers together from around the world and they now look forward to meeting again for diving in some new exotic location. We enjoy meeting and diving with new faces, come and join our family!

Our trips for the most part are flexible, if you do not have the time to do both parts, you don't have to. They are all a little different, so please ask about it. We can also create an extension to suit your needs and desires.

We only choose the finest times for our group trips offering the best weather time in accordance with the best creature viewing. Always in tune here for the photographer! So please join us if you like to have fun, and have a group representative to help smooth the way! Looking forward to meeting you!

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