Come join the mouse in a new adventure in Shanghai. Disney is looking for experienced individuals to instruct children aged 2-10 at Disney English Language Learning Centers in Shanghai.

Disney is looking for creative, enthusiastic and experienced individuals to instruct children ages 2-10 in an intensive program at Disney English Language Learning Centers in China, including:
• Shanghai
• Beijing
• Suzhou
• Hangzhou
• Tianjin
• Ningbo

Trainers will follow an innovative and immersive Disney inspired program, leveraging state-of-the-art technology as well as Disney’s beloved characters and stories to provide students with a highly engaging and effective premium learning experience.

Once you complete our thorough orientation program, you will quickly become proficient in delivering Disney English content. A variety of printed materials, multimedia tools and audio-visual aids that include formal exercises and language games will be provided in order to deliver a dynamic curriculum that emphasizes dialogue, story-telling, singing and role-playing.

Currently, we have the following positions available:
• Very Young Learner Trainer: 2+ years experience, specifically with children 2-4 years of age
• Foreign Trainer 2+ years of teaching experience, specifically with young learners
• Senior Foreign Trainer 4+ years of teaching experience + supervisory & teacher training experience, specifically with young learners

Primary Responsibilities:
• Become proficient in delivering the Disney English interactive content and comprehensive classroom/home delivery of Disney English including the “on-line” parent portal.
• Use scripted printed materials, multimedia and a variety of audio-visual aids. There is emphasis on dialogue, story-telling, singing and role-playing, but more formal exercises, language games and literature are also used.
• Work with local Assistant Trainers to ensure classes are run efficiently and start and end as scheduled.
• Prepare lessons, realia, print materials, technology and supplemental materials prior to the start of each class.
• Attend weekly meetings with the LLD to communicate all pertinent student and classroom management issues.
• Participate in outside of classroom academic, marketing and Center social events as needed
• Collect audio & visual portfolio evidence of language learner work during lessons.
• Provide private lessons to young language learners as required due to learner absences or for students that are falling behind the class.
• Deliver both formal and informal assessments and progress reports throughout the program and keep close oversight on all learner records.
• Interact with both parents and young language learners in a way that makes language learning fun, engaging and educational.
• With local Assistant Trainers, maintain strong communication with parents as to their children’s progress by means of the Teacher/Parent portal and ongoing communication during performances, phone calls and parent/teacher conferences

• Bachelors degree required; advanced degree preferred
• Candidates should have 2 or more years experience post-graduate experience teaching young learners
• Candidates should be native English speakers
• Internationally recognized TEFL or TESOL certification (will be provided by Disney English if necessary)
• Creativity and excitement to bring a unique personality to the Disney English classroom including talents in music, art, and performing arts.

Duration / Dates

Currently Hiring Teachers

Costs / Pay

• 10,500RMB + monthly salary (dependent on position)
• 3,500RMB – 4,350RMB monthly housing allowance (dependent on location)
• 7,000RMB arrival bonus
• Roundtrip airfare
• Health Insurance

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