Dipabhāvan Meditation Center

Dipabhāvan was established in 2005 for use by both Thai and foreigners. Since then many people from various countries have joined the retreat. They have found something different and more profound than they have ever known. 

Dipabhāvan welcomes everyone who would like to fulfill their life by benefiting from Dhamma practice. The retreat is open for people from all walks of life, races, sexes, faiths and beliefs without prejudice or discrimination.

Dipabhāvan is located on the hillside slope of the high mountain in the southeast of Koh Samui.  When you look around from there, you can see beautiful sea views, coconut trees and high mountains covered by green forest. All of these are the conditions supporting the meditator  to progress in meditation.

Every year the fascinating charm of Koh Samui persuades many tourists from all around the world to come and find an exiting experience. They return home with unforgettable impressive memories. In addition to those beautiful natural sea beaches, blue sky and beautiful nights, many people may not know that Koh Samui has another choice of relaxation.

It is also completely different from the joy and fun that they expect and are familiar with. At Dipabhāvan meditation center one can experience the joy of a peaceful and tranquil mind. Dipabhāvan provides everything necessary to facilitate meditation training such as a beautiful and secluded environment, proper regulation, suitable accommodation, nutritious, vegetarian food and experienced and friendly staff.

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Dipabhāvan Meditation Center Reviews

Great place.Would recommend it!!

Very beautiful location! In the middle of the jungle, on the hill with a nice panoramic view. A great environment for meditation. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Furthermore, the food was amazing!! Couldn't expect anything better than this!

By: Dovile
Nationality: Lithuanian
Age: 28

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