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We offer professional German courses in Germany on the historical island town of Lindau, Lake Constance. Learn German where others spend their holidays. 

We show you that learning is fun and German is really not a difficult language to learn. No longer be at a loss for words with dialoge sprachinsitut.

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  • German courses for adults
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Dialoge Sprachinstitut Reviews

I highly recommend going to Dialoge to learn German

I went to the Dialoge Sprachinstitut in Lindau, Germany in 2013 for three weeks. I was an Au Pair living near Stuttgart for the whole year, and over the summer I had some time off and was able to go to Lindau to study German.

It is in the heart of German-speaking countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. The school itself is located in Lindau; right next to the main train station and the Hafen (lakefront) with pedestrian areas, hotels, and lots of shops and cafes).

The accommodation that is available is either a student halls of residence, or to stay with a host-family. A maximum of two students with different mother tongues can live together with a host family. I recommend a host-family if this is your first time being away from home and/or if you’d like to learn German outside of the classroom. If you’re a little bit more independent or prefer to have your own space, I’d recommend student halls where you’ll meet lots of other students from across the world, all learning German at Dialoge.

Inside the school there is a large lounge with WLAN, classrooms, reception area, and a terrace that overlooks the lakefront. There is a great atmosphere among both students and teachers. The groups are small and the classes are intensive, and always taught in German. As an English-speaker, this was a bit of a shock at first because nobody spoke English in the classes – but I’m now glad, because then I wouldn’t have learnt German as quickly as I did.

The amount of classes that I opted for allowed me to have so much free time! I went to class 9am-12:30pm, had the rest of the day off and had weekends off. This allowed me to go out and practice German in every-day situations, and my language skills and confidence improved so much. I explored neighbouring Austria and Switzerland just as much as Germany and had the time of my life at Dialoge. There’s so much to do there, such as cycling, hiking, swimming in the lake, taking the ferry across the lake, visiting places on the train, sightseeing… the list goes on and on!

I highly recommend going to Dialoge to learn German. You won’t regret it and your German will be so much better at the end of your time there.

I met some of the best people there, and even keep in touch with some of them. One of my friends loved it there so much that he now lives on the lake! Lake Constance will completely enchant you, and I encourage you to take a trip here at least once in your life.

By: Alice Scott
Nationality: British
Age: 22

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