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Our internship program is linked to a number of Non Governmental Organizations - NGOs, with whom we develop internships to cater to the specific challenges these organizations face, while benefiting the communities they partner.

The volunteers partake in projects developed and operated by a local partner organization and earn experience by actively participating in developing communities for a better world while getting an opportunity for cultural exchange.

The Placements are specially developed according to the volunteer's abilities and interests and organization’s requirements. They are ideal for those who are keen to become a partner of a development project. Our internship program takes place in the city of Udaipur in Rajasthan where we have developed partnerships with non governmental organizations.


To support development projects and international volunteer programs that make a positive impact on local organizations, promote cross cultural learning and strengthen non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India.

Specific Objectives of the programs

• Create opportunities for volunteers to work with leading sustainable development organizations, community associations and businesses, and to provide a foundation for building a career in development policy and practice;
• Provide advanced training to people in the areas of community development; women’s empowerment; sustainable agriculture and environment; business development and micro finance; youth and education; health; and human rights;
• Support organizations through provision of human and financial resources.

What Is Included in Program?
• Development of the internship program together with the partner organization;
• Week-long orientation on development issues in India and information about getting around the city, guides, listings, tips, maps, health issues and safety;
• Initial support to locate public transportation means to and from the project;
• Donation to the partner organization;
• Airport pickup by our representative;
• Lodging and boarding throughout program with a host family or guest house;
• Workshops on development and project management issues;
• Cultural events through out the program;
• Language sessions;
• Rural tourism experience once in the program;
• Assistance in the case of emergencies.

What Is Not Included in Program?
• Travel to India;
• Visa costs;
• Insurance (Volunteers should buy their own health and travel insurance);
• In-country transport other than program (except airport pickup and rural tourism visit);

Lodging and Boarding
Participants are lodged with wonderful host families which have been identified and selected through a tough screening process. All our families are located in pleasant colonies of the town and are in close proximity to the supermarket, drugstore, bakery, health clinic, and easy public transportation. With home stay, both the participants and the hosts make a commitment to try to create a lasting relationship. Home stays are designed to allow our participants and family to learn and share their language and culture with each other. Home stay is intended to totally immerse the participants in a culture and language different from his/her own.

While staying with the host family/guest house a participant would be provided with:
• A private room with an attached bathroom;
• Three meals a day; and
• An opportunity to live closely with the family and understand the Indian culture and family system.

The programs take place all year round, but arrival days are set to help us organize airport pick- ups, accommodations and placements. Volunteers should arrive on any Saturday.

Program Structure
Orientation: Our internship program begins with a week long orientation which serves as an introductory guide to the internship experience of t he culture and the city. Through a series of workshops, language lessons, field/NGO visits, interactive presentations and cultural practices an intern:

* Gain a general understanding regarding concepts and best practices in the field of sustainable development;
* Learn the fundamentals of cultural immersion, safety and security, transportation, logistics and program itinerary which will facilitate integration into everyday life;
* Explore the relationship between NGO’s and the community and intern’s role within this framework;
* Introduce skills which will be employed during the internship to analyze and evaluate the needs of the host organizations and how to incorporate theories of sustainable development within this structure; and
* Understand responsibility towards host family, organization and DAAN

Workshops: Volunteering with DAAN offers a learning experience through series of workshops conducted with the support of experienced faculties and development professionals. Likely issues which would be discussed during the workshops are Development Issues in India, Sustainable Development, Project Proposal Writing, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Religion and Caste Issues in India, Governance in India and many more.

Weekly Language Sessions: Interns have an opportunity to attend weekly Hindi lessons during the internships. The idea is to equip them with basic skills for an effective immersion in the program.

Weekly Cultural Events: One of the highlights is the inclusion in weekly cultural saga of the land. Interns will have an opportunity to part take in folk dances, puppet shows, Bollywood movies night, marriages, traditional and Indian food cooking classes and more throughout the program for a complete cultural immersion.

Weekly Meetings: Weekly meetings are staged to have a close interaction about work and family issues and arrive at solutions in case of any problem.

Field Visits: Field visits are integral part of the program. While working with the host organization frequent field visits would be undertaken with a possibility of over nights to develop a realistic insight into the development work NGOs are doing.

Responsible Rural Tourism Visit: Responsible Rural Tourism visit is staged as a mid term opportunity to move out of work situation, have fun, reflect on work done so far and suggestions to further improve upon. Retreat would take place in rural tourism sites at different locations in Rajasthan.

Final Evaluation: A final evaluation session would take place at the end of internship. Exit interviews, internship reports and dinner would be the key features of the event.
* mail us for more information and information about Fee structure and dates for the internships and Volunteer-ships.

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