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We are a big Scandinavian-themed, international nightclub located in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. During high tourist season we have around 2,000 people inside every single night! We employ around 150 people each summer season from all around Europe.


About Sunny Beach 

Sunny Beach is a major and popular seaside resort on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. It has a very small permanent population, but during the summer, the resort is home to many thousands of tourists. The main strip of high-rise hotels backing onto the beach is several kilometers long and extends along a wide bay between Sveti Vlas and Nessebar and our nightclub is located right in the center of that main strip.

Attractions for tourists include the beach, water sports, great nightlife and the nearby historical site of Nessebar. There are two aqua parks near the resort. The Golden Orpheus International Festival of Popular Song, the Decade of Symphonic Music, part of the International Folklore Festival, fashion shows and various beach competitions are held in Sunny Beach.

The UK's Channel 4 have commissioned Dragonfly Film and Television Productions to film three episodes of the next series of What Happens in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. The show portrays the activities of Britons who escape their mundane lives to enjoy the craziness of Sunny Beach. The resort has also been portrayed in Sommer I Sunny Beach - A Danish reality show specifically detailing the life of tourists, bartenders and staff of the Happy Viking, thus making the resort very popular.

Den Glade Viking has its origins in Denmark and the discotheque has a Viking-theme throughout. Den Glade Viking is Danish and translates to “The Happy Viking” in English. Our staff is all-international and therefore we employ around 150 people each summer season from all around Europe (Scandinavia,Britain,Hollands etc.) to work as bartenders, DJ’s and promoters! The Happy Viking is located in the center of Flower Street, right in the middle of Sunny Beach. The location, competent staff and a recognized brand makes us the most popular nightclub in the resort.

The Viking can take around 2.500 people inside and has six bars inside to serve the big number of customers. During high tourist season we serve around 2,000 customers every single night!

At The Happy Viking our main idea is to offer our customers a nightclub experience they can’t get at home. We have a massive nightclub, with thousands of guests and employees from all around Europe. Originating from Denmark, our Scandinavian-themed disco offers the ultimate nightlife experience for any party-minded person. Besides the enormous size of the club and all international staff, there is one simple idea that makes us who we are:


The Happy Viking is not a night club. It is a Disco!

So what does it mean to be a disco? The Happy Viking is not a place where you arrive in fancy clothes, drink wine and discuss politics. The Happy Viking is a place where people come to party and to always have a smile on their faces! In order to create the feeling of this astonishing party place in the summer paradise of Sunny Beach, we differ from most night clubs in many ways:

  • In the Viking all customers are allowed to dance (naked) on the bar
  • We’ve got big signs & posters and flashy lights opposed to the normal “dark and mystic”-club theme
  • We serve cocktails in buckets(1,2 liter) that people carry around in the disco
  • Bartenders and staff have different theme days and are allowed to drink with the customers (within reason)
  • Each bar is equipped with an air cannon, which is only used to “shoot up” skirts of ladies dancing on the bar
  • The DJ’s use the music to create the right kind of vibe, for example it would not be completely unusual to hear Christmas songs in the Disco (in the middle of the summer) and seeing 2,500 people looking around and laughing

The Happy Viking is known all-around the world. There has been or still are many Den Glade Viking’s in various countries: Two in Bulgaria (Golden Sands and Sunny Beach), Two in Denmark (Horsens and Odense), Two in Spain (Mallorca and Tenerife) and one in Thailand (Phuket).



We are looking for club promoters / ticket sellers for a summer season in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. We don't require work experience - personality is the key. Promotion of our club happens on the bar-street by stopping bypassing tourists. By being confident, funny and sales-driven our promoters fill our club up every single night. We also offer sales and promotional training throughout the season for all our employees. This is a great kick-start for any person looking for a career in sales. We don’t demand excessive work experience and education, we only care about personalities to fit the job – attitude is the key! Apply now!



Late-May until early September


What is Included

  • A fixed + comission based salary
  • Free Accommodation (apartment)
  • Free Alcohol
  • Free transfer to/from airport
  • 50% discount in several bars and restaurants
  • Free Medical Insurance
  • + much much more

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