Deep Blue Conservation

Deep Blue Conservation

Deep Blue is an Adventure Volunteer Organisation that offers Marine Volunteering and a Diving Internhip in Sodwana Bay, South Africa.

Deep Blue offers a new volunteering and internship experience where volunteers and interns get to take part in marine research while on a diving vacation!

We are situated in an amazing diving town on the east coast of South Africa that has become our little piece of paradise. This town offers some of the most incredible diving and over 20 activities to keep volunteers and interns busy during their stay!

Just check out our website for some of the best things to do.

Duration / Dates

Volunteer and internship programs begin on the first Friday of each month, throughout the year. Volunteers can spend between 2 to 12 weeks with us and the internship program runs for 12 weeks.

Costs / Pay

Program costs begin at £810 for 2 weeks, all inclusive.

Contact / Enquiry

Deep Blue Conservation Reviews

I never thought a volunteering company could change my life...

When we started diving after a few days of classroom and pool sessions I felt like a free man. I have never seen so many colors and life underwater. The ride to the beach everyday felt like a dream through the forest. After dives we slowly moved to camp and did lectures. I thought the lectures would be like in collage but it was so chilled it is more talking between each other and a gathering of information than listening to someone just talking.

After lectures we always hanged out at the pool and when you wanted to go to town the staff were always happy to give us a lift and hang out with us. The town Sodwana bay is very small town with only 2 shops, 3 restaurants and 3 bars but we always had fun and it makes you forget about life outside that town. I can say so much more about my time there, from the ocean to the wild animals to the people... it all changed my life.

By: Lucas
Nationality: French
Age: 22

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