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Darwinstaff operates in Florence since 1992, in the field of consultancy over entertainment, tourist assistance and event planning, as well as in the training of qualified resources.

We provide over 3500 entertainers and tourist assistants, that have been trained to work in resorts, hotels, residences, cruise ships and theme parks, in both winter and summer locations. We provide hundreds of destinations all over the world throughout the whole year, working together with the greatest names of international tourism.

Passion, expertise, excellence, careful organization and innovation are our main strengths. Darwinstaff is recognized internationally for the high quality of its trained resources and for the entertainment it offers.



We are looking for creative, enterprising people to establish a fruitful professional relationship with. We are able to offer unique chances of growth, together with the possibility to be trained while living in some of the most beautiful places in the world! Find out what we are looking for and send us your CV!

We can count on 25 years of operation and over 3500 trained professionals: we supply you with all the experience that we have gained in the field through training, providing you with staff that is qualified in the fields of entertainment and tourist assistance. Enthusiasm, reliability, know-how and expertise are our strengths.

Resorts, Hotels, Cruise ships, Holiday complexes, in both winter and summer locations. Hundreds of destinations all over the world where to operate, supported by the best resources in the area. It is a unique opportunity of personal and professional growth, in the name of both commitment and enjoyment.

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