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Copenhagen Free Walking Tours is a group of local tour guides who have lived in and loved Copenhagen for many years. We enjoy our work so much that we have become one of the highest-rated tours on TripAdvisor with 7000+ reviews!

We guarantee that we will offer a tour come rain, hail, snow, or sunshine. Our tours run 365 days a year - all we need is a minimum of five guests. There is no set price for any of our tours, but tips are very welcome. 

Our organization consists of a small union of freelance guides, who provide these tours of Copenhagen. This way we can share our expenses for the fancy umbrellas and the maps you can find in the hotels and hostels around town. 

So in order to continue running these tours in Copenhagen, all guides pay a marketing fee to "Copenhagen Free Walking Tours F.M.B.A." based on the number of guests who participated in the tour. 

The current marketing fee for the Grand Tour of Copenhagen is 10 DKK (1,34 euro) per guest and for The Classical Tour of Copenhagen and The Christianshavn Tour the marketing fee is 5 DKK (0,67 euro) per guest.

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