Co-ordinate an international volunteer project in the UK this Summer with Concordia!

Company : Concordia International Volunteers
Duration: 2 weeks to 4 weeks
Approx Costs: < 25 to 50 £ Pound (UK)

We are now recruiting for our co-ordinator training weekend, to prepare and become a project leader of an international volunteer group in the UK during the summer.

Are you wondering what exciting new things you can get involved with this year? If you are up for a challenge, enthusiastic about volunteering, want to learn new skills, meet new people and boost your CV, then why not become a Concordia Co-ordinator?

What it is?

  • A two day (from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon) residential training on preparing to be a group leader for Concordia UK
  • The training will cover skills from conflict management and intercultural learning to group cooking and team bonding!
  • Once you have completed the training you can go on to co-ordinate an international group on a community project in the UK
  • Projects range from environmental work to helping to prepare festival sites to working with children. We’ll discuss the most suitable role for you at the training weekend.

Why should i get involved?

  • Do something different
  • Meet new people from all over the world without leaving the UK (cut back your carbon emissions!)
  • Learn new skills
  • Participate in meaningful community projects
  • Looks great on your CV
  • Become an active volunteer for Concordia and access other trainings and volunteer opportunities.

How do i get involved?

Request an application form and we will get back to you with confirmation of your place and more information. 

Costs / Benefits

We ask for a small contribution of £40 to help us cover the accommodation and food costs of the training weekend. Once you have completed the training weekend we would cover the costs of your project in the UK including your travel there.


We’re looking for motivated volunteers to help with leading an international volunteer group on a UK project. All you need is two weeks to spare over the summer, some previous volunteer experience, motivation to work with people from around the world, lots of energy, a willingness to learn and get involved and to come to our three day preparation training in Brighton. Easy!

Booking / Enquiry

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