Come live in a sustainable collective for gap-year takers!

Company : Collective Dilijan
Location : Dilijan
Duration: 2 months to 6 months
Approx Costs: < 25 to 100 $ Dollars (US)

Collective Dilijan invites gap-year takers to live and learn in a sustainable collective in Dilijan, Armenia. During your 2-8 month stay, you will develop a personal project or investigation you are passionate about. At the same time, we will develop Dilijan through environmental actions and initiatives. 

In Collective Dilijan you will live with 6-10 gap-year takers working on a project you are passionate about. This project (and elements of it) you will teach to the other residents. We will organise self-presentations, creative workshops, lessons, and collective sharing sessions. We all live and dine together in the house in Dilijan. 

Your personal project or investigation can be anything from architecture and artificial intelligence to poetry writing and exploration of folk music traditions. We believe that anything should be explored! 

We will organise thrash cleanup walks, lecture children about sustainability, and work with local NGO's the whole year round. You can totally apply if your personal project is to help children in need or to build houses for the homeless, your project doesn't need to be creative work. 

At the same time, we will also just have tons of fun exploring beautiful Armenia and learning the traditions of its culture. Our house is located in Dilijan National Park (which is called little Switzerland by the locals). 

It is important to know that the residents of Collective Dilijan will create the experience. It is highly flexible what will happen at Collective Dilijan and that you can have a big saying in what direction you want the Collective to go.

The founder, Jeppe, will work with sound design and architecture, and Elena, the co-founder, will continue her environmental education program for local school-children in Dilijan. 

Visit our website or facebook page for more information and apply if you want to be part of something incredible. 


You have to have a project or investigation in mind when you apply. You also have to be done with High School and not far above the age of 21 to apply.

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