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The Chilli Adventures team has been helping young South Africans with Overseas Work and Travel Adventures for the last 10 years.

‘Chilli’, as we are affectionately know, is an independent South African company, with a strong South African and
international reputation. Being free of exclusive ties, we are able to offer the best possible deals for South Africans, all with the backing of top overseas cooperating partners in their individual fields. Our local offices, together with our overseas partners, are dedicated to providing a wide variety of programs with the highest level of personal service and first class support. Our reputation in the industry, and most importantly, with past participants, is unrivaled. Our passion and dedication for what we do, well, it’s a way of life!

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Seize the opportunity, choose your adventure, and make your dreams come true!

Choose from summer camp programs where all you need to worry about is having fun with kids!, to Work Travel programs where you choose how much (or how little!) you want to work as you explore that country. Chilli also offers increasingly popular internship options for those wanting to gain skills and experience in their particular field of study or area of expertise. Perhaps 12 months as an Au Pair, and the opportunity to study as you work, appeals to you, or the Adventure of a lifetime on a Super Yacht in the Mediterranean or Caribbean? There are even volunteer programs for those of you who share our passion for ‘putting back’ - socially, environmentally, passionately!

The Value of Work & Travel

Whatever you decide to do, the value of a work and travel adventure is becoming increasingly evident not only to travelers themselves, but also to educational institutions and employers alike. A working adventure will certainly be as challenging at times, as it is exciting - it’s not a soft option! But speak to anyone thats done it, and they’ll tell you that it changed their life! Work & Travel adventures offer you infinite possibilities for fun, friendship and exploration, as well as for independence, self knowledge, and for gaining new skills. You will be more than just a tourist. You will have the unique opportunity to experience life in a new country, working alongside locals. What a great way to fund your travels and experience the world!


Chilli currently operate full time offices in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, with a satellite office in Durban. We are proud to say that we boast a core team of 8 highly experienced travelers. All our staff have undertaken their very own Gap year (or Years!) so they are skilled and knowledgeable and understand how to make YOUR experience the ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’.

In addition to our two full time offices, Chilli Adventures have a ‘National Team’ of approximately 40 young people throughout South Africa, who have returned from their overseas adventures and who now assist with interviews and promotions. These guys and girls are enormously important to Chilli as they allow us to stay in touch with the latest developments and experiences from a participants point of view and ensure that we have the feedback to constantly improve our programs and services. They are also crucial in providing a national network of support for new participants.


- We offer a wide variety of work and travel options to match your dreams and goals
- All our staff are seasoned and passionate travelers who have all experienced a work and travel adventure themselves and who know what it takes to put together a great trip.
- We have a first class relationship with the various overseas consulates in South Africa. This equates to ease of visa processing and an exceptionally high visa granted rate.
- We understand that, at the outset, an overseas work and travel experience can feel overwhelming. We pride ourselves on a level of support, knowledge and personal service that is second to none.
- We provide 24hr emergency support both prior to departure from South Africa and after arrival overseas. If difficulties arise, someone is available 24/7, every day of the year.

We hope that the Chilli Adventures website opens your eyes to the opportunities available to you and inspires you to take up your own adventure!

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