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Ceylon Placements can provide a unique experience for students or volunteers of any age group wishing to have a gap year, a career break or just an extended holiday in Sri Lanka.

Our unique plantation is set on the beautiful Island of Sri Lanka As a volunteer on our 40 acre plantation, you will be involved in various light agricultural duties, such as planting, watering, fertilising and weeding. This is a fantastic opportunity not only to get some agricultural experience but also to work first hand with the local team of skilled workers from the village.

Many people come to Sri Lanka on holiday now that the civil unrest has come to an end, but very few get to experience such a unique opportunity as to live and work with the native people on the land.

Coconut Plantation Volunteer
Our plantation is based in a village near to Anamaduwa. This town is about 80 kms from the airport and 125 kms from Colombo. It is forty acres in size and situated within the coconut triangle of Sri Lanka.
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Purchased in July 2007, the original land had to be completely cleared, irrigated and cultivated in preparation for our baby coconut plants. The coconut trees are making steady progress (it takes 4-5 years to grow a mature crop to farm) so in the meantime, the site manager has also planted, chilli's, cashew nuts and egg plants as intercrops to grow in and around the coconut trees. We also have approximately 10 acres of land to clear and fertilise before we can begin the next program of planting. So there’s lots to do here and the work is varied!

This is a fantastic opportunity to work alongside our fantastic team of regular workers in Sri Lanka, most of whom will never have travelled outside of their home country so they will welcome the opportunity to practise their English, learn about your culture and also learn some new skills from you.

It is such a rewarding experience to be amongst the ordinary Sri Lankan people, as nowhere else in the world, would you find such warm, honest, kind and happy people. You will see for yourself first hand, how little these people have in terms of material wealth, yet how happy they are and content with their lives.

This is definitely not a project for the faint hearted, as the work will be outside in the hot sunshine for approximately four hours a day (take plenty of sun cream and hats!), but the rewards and experience you gain will be like no other!

You will need to be fit and not mind spending a few hours in the sun.

You can come to the planation for a week to months. The prices are on the website for the standard weeks or a month stay. We can supply prices for any visit length.

Sri Lanka is a tropical country so you can visit 365 days a year.

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