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CARE VOLUNTEERS NETWORK: Is a nonprofit leader organization offering humanitarian assistance and catering for the needs of poverty striken children, women youth and rural communities in the Volta Region of Ghana- through international volunteerism

Care Volunteers Network is a nonprofit leader in the Volta Region of Ghana committed to offer humanitarian assistance and provides for the needs of the poverty stricken children, women, youth and grassroots in Ghana through international Volunteerism and cross-culture understanding, training and education.

We provide international volunteer programs that will make impacts in children, women, families and rural communities in Ghana that confronting with myriads human need and human and economic resources. We promote programs such as Healthcare, education, child care/homes, environment, humanity, technology, community Development, construction, wildlife conservation, arts and music, sanitation, human right, Adventure and eco-tourism and show casing the cultural diversity and festivals of the people of Volta Region for that mother Ghana.

Care Volunteers network could not ignore the plight of vulnerable and destitute children and women in the rural communities, who had lost hope, affected with different disease and other effects of poverty. 1. The objective is to help the under privilege children learn to know the value of a family in which they are cared for, love and educated until such a time they will be able to care of themselves and their future families and the society. 2. Contribute towards socio-cultural and economic development. 3. To alleviate poverty and create wealth for the poor 4. Create jobs opportunities for the inorganised. 5. Empower women in the Vocational training and ICT .

OUR MISSION: Is to transform the poor and the society through a holistic form of education and training involving spiritual, mental, economical and physical that will make them growing into a sphere of hope to the hopeless. It is the organization’s mission to bring out the potential skills and knowledge in the young under privileged people to be used in our country and the world at large in order to quench the thirst for education in the children for better tomorrow.

1. To promote and support sustainable development initiatives around the world through life changing volunteer programs and adventure and eco-tourism, festival and cross-culture understanding.

2. Protect the environment through conservation

3. Ensure to empower the youth and women 4.

Giving the chance for equal right and gender parity.

As an organization, we cannot achieve our missions alone therefore, hinge our work through volunteerism, donation and partnership with other organizations to enable us realize the goals. We currently partnered with a crowd funding platform that helps our participants raise money to fund their trip with ease and with no financial barriers. Participants can use the toolkits of Fundmytravel to create crowd funding page and raise funds for their trips. As an organization, we don’t just provide volunteer programs but organize festival and culture tour, adventure and eco-tourism as well as customized tour packages to all travellers who want to leave their comfort zones to see Africa-Ghana after all years’ work that made the ‘’I hate people syndrome’’. Our tours are excellent and full q-funs with dedicated tour guide rich of experience and with value for money for all tours

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Care Volunteers Network Reviews

Awsome Experience

If you are thinking of volunteering abroad then look no further. I had a fantastic experience... I loved the place so much I've stayed! The teaching on anICT project is excellent. The Hos fantastic as is the accommodation and support. If you want to get a taste of Africa without the hustle and bustle then Ho Volta Region-Ghana is the place for you. A thoroughly enjoyable 3 weeks project.

What was a typical day at the project? I would usually get up early and head to KK House, sometimes there was time for a walk beforehand. Breakfast and shower before taking the bike route to school.

What did you find most rewarding? The most rewarding for me was integrating a little boy with some difficulties into the English class until he was positively excited to be there and join in. He didn't read or write well even in his own language but with any written work being prepared for him in a dot to dot form he was soon sailing though the lessons and asking for more!

What did you find most challenging? The most challenging was to make an impact in 3weeks, the time span is short so you need to invest preparation time to ensure pupils enjoy the classes whilst learning.

What advice would you give others considering doing this placement? Take lots of stickers and blu-tac, the kids are fascinated by it and you find however big a ball of the stuff you use to display work the next time you look only a minuscule part remains! Stickers are great to reward, as were balloons. The older kids enjoyed role play, although a bit nervous at first they really got into character. There written work is generally good, as is there spelling but the fluidity of speech and sentence structure was a gap area and if it could be continued that would be fantastic.

By: Haggies Loge
Nationality: German
Age: 22

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