Capture the Dream, Inc.

Capture the Dream, Inc., is a registered 501(c)(3) California nonprofit, serves low income individuals throughout the SF Bay Area enabling them to achieve their educational and career-oriented ambitions.

Our 100% volunteer-operated team achieves this by providing resources, financial and motivational support, and meaningful opportunities.

Thousands of Bay Area school children are forced to drop out each year due to financial hardship and neglect. We foster hope, love, and support to youth at critical time periods to empower them to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams. Our outreach program delivers financial aid to low-income families, single-parent homes, and foster children. We support youth development and leadership advancement through mentoring, education, arts, and cultural programs. And our special events celebrate the community of dreamers we're building, one dream at a time.

As a result, our award-winning organization has distributed over $100K to over 1500 people in need and has garnered significant praise from the media, since our inception in 2006.

You can make a difference. Capture the Dream, Inc. is looking for capable, civic-minded individuals to fill the following roles. Please email your cover letter and resume to our staff.

Leadership Opportunities

* Fundraising Manager

As the Fundraising Manager, you will organize strategies for fundraisers at Capture the Dream. This includes events (promotional, charity, etc.), manage mass outreach efforts, and other opportunities as you see fit.

* Community Relations Manager

As the head of the Community Relations team, the Community Relations Manager is responsible for identifying, cultivating, soliciting, and stewarding corporate and foundation grants. The Community Relations Manager works with internal and external parties to secure grants that address Capture the Dream’s goals and objectives as part of the overall Fund Development plan.

* Program Manager – Special Events

Develop and manage events to promote Capture the Dream. Plan and coordinate special events and fundraising programs such as galas, social events, parties and other community programs. Prospect and solicit corporate sponsors, coordinate volunteer events, and interact with the community.

* Mentorship Facilitator

Coordinate meetings and gatherings for the youth and mentors. Oversee and develop a relationship with the youth and their families in the community to assure them that their mentors are there for their growth and support. Maintaining good communications with the youth and the mentors is a must.

Support Staff

* Volunteer Coordinator

Promote our non-profit organization to volunteers who would like to join our team. Oversee and disperse these volunteers with tasks that need to be completed. This includes working closely with the Fundraising Manager, Marketing Manager, and other teams within Capture the Dream.

* Chinese Translator

Help our organization in reaching the Chinese community. Interpreters (Cantonese or Mandarin) are needed at our organization so we can promote and allow the community to have a better understanding of what we are doing. This job involves translation of mailers, promotional literature, and brochures for the community.

* Marketing Associate

The Marketing Assistant reports directly to the Marketing Manager and will help with general marketing and administrative duties.

* Videographer

Responsible for photographing events and other work done by our program. Shoot promos, commercials, and promotional programs. Participate in all events and capture pictures to help show the community how they are benefiting from our work.

* Social Networking Site Administrator

As the MySpace page designer, you will work closely with the Public Relations Manager to develop and implement PR strategies for Capture the Dream, Inc. via social networking websites. You will be responsible for creating a professional, eye-catching page to help increase awareness about our organization.

Looking for more open positions? Please check out our DREAMTEAM Internship Program and Open Staff Positions.

For more information, please email our staff.

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