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We offer award-winning volunteer expeditions across Africa, Asia and South America with Camps International. Make an impact and do something amazing!

For most people, an expedition like this is a ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of deal. We get that – that’s why we work so hard to make our experiences unique.

You’ll notice we spend a lot of time talking about our ethos rather than the fine details of our trips. This is no accident. Camps International is more than just the facilities we provide – we’re a culture, we’re social enterprise, we’re part of the local communities we work in partnership with, and above all, we connect you to the real world and real people.

When you book with us, you get all of us. We run all of our own trips and projects and we take care of everything, offering you support before, during and after your experience so that every single detail is covered. What you make of your trip is up to you.

At Camps, we believe good business should be good for the planet. Our business model is designed to have maximum, long-term impact on the communities we partner with. Because we’re not reliant on external funding, we’re able to consult with locals on projects they really need. And unlike other travel companies, we never leave our projects incomplete; your legacy will continue to have a positive impact long after your own adventure is complete.

We operate across four continents and share a common goal: solving global problems on a local scale. We embed ourselves at the heart of local communities. We are part of their culture, and as a result, we get to work with some of the most interesting, exciting and innovative people in turning their entrepreneurial ideas into reality in some of the world’s most exciting emerging markets.

Above all, we are impact. With Camps International, you can rest assured that your trip with us benefits more than just you.

Join us and together we can be part of the solution.

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Camps International Reviews

Camps International trip to Peru

When I was 18 - and had just finished my A levels - I spent a month in Peru (with Camp Peru) as part of a group from Shelley College in West Yorkshire. We helped build a school in the local community and got to see so many wonderful places, such as Lake Titicaca, as well as meeting such lovely Peruvian people. The Camps International team were just brilliant, especially our guide! I loved the whole experience and would do it again in a heartbeat!

By: Eve Lodge
Nationality: British
Age: 19


I had the opportunity to travel to Kenya while incorporating our clean energy initiative with Million Solar Star club at UAS Dubai. Our science teacher was able to secure 200 solar lamps that were donated to students at a local school allowing them to do homework and other chores in the evening. Camps. Intl. was amazing at working with us for our goals and providing an amazing learning opportunity for our students. We plan to make this a "legacy trip" with our eight grade cohort traveling to the same camp each year in order to effect change and monitor the process of contributions made. I highly recommend working with the staff and management of Camps International.

By: Eric Barrett
Nationality: USA
Age: 33

Camp Borneo

I went to Borneo in 2015 for a month after I had finished my GCSEs. It was by far the most amazing trip ever and really opened my eyes to different parts of the world and different ways of livving! I would recommend this programme to anyone

By: Sian Nolan
Nationality: White British
Age: 18

A gap year in a month!

I went to Tanzania and Kenya during the summer of 2016 last year.
I'm so glad I went with Camps into who were well organised and had a great support team and team leader!
There was a good balance between activities (like diving and safari), cultural activities and project work.
As a qualified diver already, I also had the opportunity to undertake my Advanced PADI which I took up gladly!
To definitely a trip I will always remember and made a great life experience between to A levels and university life!
My only warning is that some unexpected costs cropped up such as injections, travel bags and clothing which we hadn't anticipated.
Overall however, this trip was definitely worth it!

By: Molly
Nationality: British
Age: 19

Cambodian life!

When I was a wee 16yr old I spent a month in Cambodia, the experience completely changed my life - I know everyone says this but it really did. So many people on this trip got a "culture shock" the reason my team picked to go to Cambodia was because at the time it was the most in need.
The camps international team are absolutely brilliant, they are with you every step of the way.

Not only are the locals lovely so are the team there (Shout out to Han).
I'd go back in a heart beat.

My advice to you is to fundraise; why?
Because it makes the trip even more rewarding.

By: Esther
Nationality: British
Age: 18

Ecuador summer 2017

Would 100000% recommend , by far the best decision I ever made, a month away in Ecuador with camps international tht included: helping out in deprived communities with a variety of different projects; working as a team and meeting new people; learning new languages and becoming a more confident and more cultured individual. No memories compare to the ones made on the trip ! Throwing yourself into the unknown and doing some thing amazing is so rewarding and I wouldn't have had it any other way ! 1 week in the coast, 2 weeks in the amazon rainforest and the final week in the mountains including a PADI scuba qualification too ! Which was incredible and never before have I had the opportunity to swim with a turtle in its natural habitat ! An experience without compare and an amazing journey with the most incredible people and leaders and staff , definitely a summer I will never forget esepecially with all the t-shirts, wristbands and thousands of photos ! #teamshuar #ecuador2017

By: Holly
Nationality: British
Age: 17

Great experience

Camps international is an awesome exchange company. The people are very kind and helped me in every situation.

By: Neele
Nationality: German
Age: 17



By: Beth
Nationality: English
Age: 17

Amazing Kenya

I went to Kenya when I was 16 with 4 other girls from my school and it was so insanely amazing! We went to four different projects ranging from building classrooms to helping the safari animals. At the end of the trip we climbed mount Kenya and watched the sunrise from the summit! The whole experience was just incredible and I didn't want to leave. I loved every second and would love to do another one with camps international!

By: Emma Sherwin
Nationality: British
Age: 21

True life experience

The three weeks I spend in Ecuador and the week on the Galapagos islands gave me some of the most memorable experiences of my life; from helping communities improve their life style and standard of living, learning about the amazing cultures and beliefs that drive the locals, to getting closer than you could ever imagine to some of the most beautiful animals. I'll never forget being face to face with a sea lion while snorkeling on Isla Santa Cruz. I would recommend any Camps trimp to anyone. It'll improve your outlook on life and make you truly appreciate what you have, as well as making some amazing friends along the way

By: Ed White
Nationality: British
Age: 20

Camp Cambodia - 4 week voluntary expedition with mountain /jungle trek

It was the best experience of my life. I'd do it over and over and I'm currently fundraising to do a 4 week African internship with my university course. During the whole trip I felt safe, well looked after and overall amazingly happy 😊

By: Rebekah Braithwaite
Nationality: British
Age: 18

By: Jessica
Nationality: British
Age: 17


I volunteered in Kenya with camps international for two weeks when I was 17 I absolutely loved the experience and from this opportunity it has encouraged my love for travel, volunteering and learning about new cultures! We did various volunteering ventures, laying the foundations of a new school classroom, teaching English, helping out local communities with planting crops making jewellery and building walls to houses etc. Not only did we work but we also got to experience at first hand the amazing food, culture and people which makes the whole experience even more worthwhile, making my time I spent there one I will never forget!

By: Ashlea gordon
Nationality: White British
Age: 22

Camp Tanzania

Tanzania. Wow.
Easily the most incredible month of my life; the adventure, the excitement, such a humbling experience.
This year I had the pleasure of spending 4 weeks in Tanzania hosted by camps international, our expedition was based around scuba diving in Tanga. It was incredible. The instructors were friendly, supportive and above all they really knew their stuff! I was lucky enough previously to have completed my PADI so the staff managed to get me into an advanced course. The array of wildlife was astounding- from dolphins to lion fish I saw more than I ever expected to!
However, the best part of all of the trip had to be the people, the friends I made who had travelled from different parts of England to those In Tanzania are friends for life.
The trip completely changed my perspective on Africa as a whole; everyone simple wants to do their best for you, teaching you their culture and being and excited to learn about yours.
If you have this opportunity I cannot stress enough how much id recommend it.
Three months of being back in England and all I can think about is going back!

By: Elise
Nationality: British
Age: 17

Trip to Peru

Last summer I had the privilege to travel over to Peru with camps international for a month and I can honestly say it was the best thing I have ever done!!! I met some amazing people over the 4 weeks and some great friends!! Everything about it was amazing... From reaching to peak of machu picchu to making a human chain to move buckets of water, it was all such great fun!!! The good was great, the sights were amazing, but mostly the people were just fantastic! Everyone was so kind, the camps staff and the locals and everyone in between! It does seem expensive at first but it is worth every single penny and so much more!! It was so good I am even planning on going away again with camps, but this time to Borneo to try and experience a new adventure!! I would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about travelling and wants to do something amazing!!

By: Joseph Hernan
Nationality: British
Age: 18


I went with Camps International to Kenya in February 2018 for one month and I can safely say it was the experience of a lifetime! You get the chance to take part in things you’d never be able to do again, help people where it matters most and also boost your self confidence and work with a group where you make friends for life. It was my first time abroad and I felt so safe and the Camps team were always on hand for any advice or help you may need. I unfortunately got sick while out there and ended up in hospital for 3 days on my last week but my leaders were with me every step of the way and I never felt scared or alone. My only tip is to take a lot of money with you as certain things may happen (such as getting ill) which you may have to fund for until your insurance can sort it but other than that, enjoy it! It’s so worth it!

By: Olivia
Nationality: British
Age: 18

Kenya 2018

First of all, the staff at Camps International were superb; they were outgoing and very passionate about their jobs. Even though this was the first time my friends and I went abroad on a school trip, we were made to feel welcome by the community and that helped us adapt with the sudden change of environment. Side note: I’m actually younger than 14. Anyways, the activities were excellent as it was always lead by great leaders, and the activities also really allowed us to experience and be absorbed (body and mind) by the colorful local culture. However, the only thing that caught me by surprise were the additional costs of medicine, clothing, etc. Nevertheless, it was an amazing expedition and I greatly respect the people work hard every day to make someone else’s life better. Helping the community made us realize just how much we have and how much we could give, and I definitely look forward to doing more charity work in the further. I genuinely would like to send a heartfelt thank you Camps International for making the special opportunity happen. The memories I gained will be cherished dearly and hopefully I will be able to work with Camps International again!

By: Lea Fink
Nationality: German and Chinese
Age: 14

I really enjoyed my stay at camp Kenya!

The staff and locals were so kind and the program was just amazing I definitely recommend a trip with camps international. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

By: Mattias
Nationality: Qatar
Age: 18

Camp Cambodia

I’d been away with Camps on a school expedition but their Gap Year trip that I took to Cambodia completely surpassed my expectations. Everything is really well organised and the staff are all really friendly. The tour guide that we had for the month knew what he was doing and was very approachable. I would definitely recommend going away through Camps

By: Liam
Nationality: British
Age: 20

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