Camp America 2016 Jobs For New Zealanders

Company : Camp America New Zealand
Activities: Sports Coaching / Summer Jobs
Country: United States
Duration: 6 weeks to 3 months
Approx Costs: 250 to 1000 $ Dollars (US)

Applications are Now Open for 2016! Ready for your Big Overseas Adventure to America? Maybe you want to continue on the the UK afterwards?

Here's how over 1000 kiwis every year have the best summer of their life teaching at Kids Summer Camps with Camp America every year...if you're into sport and the outdoors, fit, healthy, and you like working with, and teaching kids new things, this could be the most rewarding experience you ever have!

Camp America Camps start in May and June each year and run for 9-12 weeks.

You should be available before June 20, until August 20th to participate. Applications are assessed on your maturity, flexibility, your attitude and skills, as well as qualifications. We accept applications from those aged 19 and over, with a few 18 year olds accepted early, based on high application quality.


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