Butakoola Village Association for Development (BUVAD)

Butakoola Village Association for Development (BUVAD) is an indigenous founded and registered local NGO Reg No: S.5914/8930 operational in Kayunga District of Uganda.

BUVAD is a volunteer run organization with no paid staff.  Many of the programmes BUVAD operates are designed around the length of time a person might stay on as a volunteer.  There is room for both long and short-term volunteers to run workshops and work on other projects.BUVAD will always endeavour make your decision to volunteer as hassle free as possible. Just drop us an email and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our mission is to promote human values for the disadvantaged people of Kayunga so that they realise their full potential towards development for a sustainable living.

1:1 BUVAD background

Butakoola Village Association for Development (BUVAD) is a not for profit organization Reg No: S.5914/8930, which started its Non profit activities way back in 2000, got registered under the Gender and Culture Department of Kayunga District in Uganda (E.A) as a Community Based Organization (CBO) operational in Kayunga Sub County in 2006 and was approved by the NGO board of Uganda as a Non Governmental Organization operational in Kayunga District, in May 2011.

BUVAD is an indigenous founded organization, which with a humble beginning started its work, with initiative from concerned born-children of the area. On realizing the challenges that their community always faced, these born-children undertook numerous sensitizations by the central government and were prompted to set up a non profit organization through which they would be able to collectively address the identified community challenges for a better life.

BUVAD has a vision of realizing an improved standard of living for the people of Kayunga District and Uganda as a whole.

Our mission is to promote human values for the people of Kayunga such that they may realize their full potential towards development for a sustainable living.

BUVAD’s current schedule of programs include;

  • Improvement of the educational status of the people in the focal areas.
  • Promoting the set up of income generating activities
  • Improving the health services in the focal areas
  • Women and child rights advocacy
  • Establishing alternative sources of power (Solar, Biogas, and Thermal)
  • Support and care for the Orphaned – Vulnerable Youths and Children
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Micro Loan Programme
  • Commercial agriculture
  • Networking and partnership with related agencies
  • Sunflower growing for cooking oil extraction
  • Climate Change Issues awareness enhancement and remedial initiatives.


Kayunga District has a total population of 294,613 people, of which 143,099 are male and 151,514 are female. 274,629 (93.3%) people of the District population dwell in rural areas. (2002 population census) Kayunga Sub County has a population of 35,950 people, which represents 12.2% of the District.

Currently the sex ratio is 95 males to 100 females and the population density is 213 persons per sq km.

Kayunga District has a cultural diversity of more than 52 tribes, some of which are immigrants from the neighboring countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania and as far away as India.

The life lead by the people in this area and Kayunga District as a whole is quite painful with limited or no access to the basic necessities of life like; good water, food, shelter, clothing, beddings and medical services though it’s a great desire for these people of Kayunga for a comforting life like that led by people in the developed world.

BUVAD is aware of the many volunteer opportunities that exist in Africa and wants to make your decision to come to Uganda as straightforward and painless as possible.  Many non-profits running on volunteer time and effort leave many questions unanswered, and the process of making that decision is harder than it should be.  BUVAD intends to make as much information possible on the front end in an attempt to make this a more transparent process.

There is a lot of room for independence and decision-making when you volunteer for BUVAD.  While BUVAD has set up specific subjects in its programmes for implementation, BUVAD answers to its community and is able to change as the communities needs change.  This enables you, as a volunteer working in the field, to be the eyes and ears of BUVAD.  As you design your programme, you have the freedom to react as you see fit.

Our volunteer residence and focal area are located near several locations you will want to make part of your schedule.  Many can be done in a day and some you can make overnight trips out of. 

  • Kayunga Town where you can find music and dancing at the recreation center, cinema halls, trading and restaurants (7km)
  • Kangulumira, includes fishing and the Kalagala Waterfalls, among other sites (20km)
  • Busaana, along the Nile and includes fishing and a ferry crossing into Jinja  (20km)
  • Bujagali Waterfalls, for rafting.  Good tourism facilities  (40km)
  • Lake Kyoga, located in Bbaale (60km)

Have fun along The Nile River banks at Kalagala water Falls site in Kayunga District.

If you are looking for a place to get away from it all, you will love it at our volunteer residence. The residence is very quiet and you will rarely see cars zooming past.  Take stroll down to the main road and make your way to the villages for a nice hike, or grab a chair and some fruit or a beer and sit out on the porch with a book.  People are very curious and friendly and if you are in front of the house, you will have many visitors and plenty of opportunities for conversation. Please understand that power is regularly off rather not stable and during such circumstances the Centre uses hurricane lanterns for lighting, creating a very romantic setting for your African adventure.

As BUVAD is in a period of tremendous growth, there are many expenses that come with this.  As you make your decision to volunteer here, we appreciate any efforts you might make towards fundraising within your own community on our behalf.  Anything you can donate towards making your Volunteer work as comfortable as possible is particularly appreciated.  This could be books, solar lanterns, screens for the windows, extra furniture or anything you can think that will make you and future volunteers feel more comfortable.

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