Bridge for Education & International Travel

B.E.I.T company was established in 2009 and focuses on cultural exchange programs.

We offer inbound & outbound programs: outbound programs are Summer Work & Travel USA, Internship & Trainee J-1 Program and Volunteer abroad program, Homestay, Short Term Enrichment Program; inbound programs are Intership in China program and Culture Homestay program.

BEIT is the leading homestay agency in China,with over 2000 host families in database, BEIT also welcome agencies who are interested in sending candidates to China for culture exchanges.

Don't be afraid to explore the real China while you can - become a homestay language buddy!

  • You will stay with a volunteer host family as an equal member
  • You will have your private room
  • Make new friends and connections, which gives you an indispensable edge for your future career


There are 2 options available for you:

A: Tutor 15 hours/week during summer or winter vacation

  • You will be provided full boards!
  • The chance to spend your vacation outside of Beijing!
  • Monthly stipend!


B: Tutor 5 hours/week

  • Easy access to transport for your weekly classes.


If you are native English speaker or able to speak very fluent English, join us now!

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