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Book Of Life (BOL) is a non profit registered church and ministry which is dedicated on spreading the Living Gospel of Messiah. It was founded to meet the happier living in spiritual life, mental, health and physical needs of people as a way of expressing the love and care of God to His Children.

Book Of Life is non profit registered church and ministry which is dedicated on spreading the Living Gospel of Messiah. It was founded to meet the happier living in spiritual life, mental, health and physical needs of people as a way of expressing the love and care of God to His Children. Book Of Life is based in Zomba City in Malawi in Africa. It has some branches in some parts of Malawi. BOL runs a project called YOUTH BIBLE STUDY CENTRES and under this project BOL has played a major role in transformation of children, teens and young people from rural and urban areas with too many unproductive,unsupervised and uncouselled youths with too much time to get into troubles because no one providing these youths with a valuable structured program that promote positive values, biblical values, healthy habits and education. Many Youths droup out from schools, unwanted pregnancies, lack of life skills training, smoking, petty theft, contracting Sexual Transmitted Diseases, drug and alcohol abuse and many more.Youth Bible Study Centres renewed and awakening the youths and has efforts this programme hope to achieve by making youths to: _have passion for God _abounding joy in the Lord _regular commitment to fasting _hunger for Bible reading _regular pattern of confessing sins and repentance _abstinence _have knowledge of life skills _youth and spiritual awakening _train Youths to become Godly and active Christians in their society _facilitate the access of Bibles, Bible tracts and other reading materials _love their parents _christlike to express emotional expressions _more focus on prayers _openness to God Youth Bible Study Centres Project is now operated as an adjunct strategy where Bible studies, Bible story telling, singing of choruses, life skills, peer education, guidance and counselling, youth revival, arts and other games. The programme is after _school that targets elementary _age and those in secondary schools by developing healthy relationships sharing biblical truth, playing games and ultimately being a part of brining life change through mentorship and life _on _life investments. Our local Volunteers provide children and youths with positive models, encourage youths to break out the destructive cycles that surround them and help them live in their full potential. Youth Bible Study Centres Project offers a range of high quality programs in communities enhancing the Youths in local activities and ensure youths and children have skills and support they need to succeed in their life such as sewing, carpentery and many more. VOLUNTEERS DUTIES _Teaching Bible _Teaching Life Skills _Teaching English _Conduct moral guidance and counselling _Help to make real difference to youths in spiritual life, mental, health and physical needs _Help Orphans _Organizing games, Bible story telling and songs and singing with children and Youths _Setting up activities, arts and crafts _Home visits _conduct community outreach evangelism and prison outreach, youth revival meetings and other duties assigned. TIME is 3 to 4 hours per day. Weekend free times. PROGRAM COST Program cost to cover up accommodation, meals, program work, 24 hours support and Airport pick is $135 per week and for 4 weeks is $540 PROJECT CATEGORY It is ongoing both in rural and urban areas. ORIENTATION Orientation and placement will be done a day after their your arrival. This will be an overview of project activities, mission, expectations and also introduction to the local church committee and local community and to some local volunteers and project site. ARRIVAL AND AIRPORT We prefer Volunteers come to Book Of Life through Chileka International Airport in Blantyre which is our nearest Airport and a Member of Book Of Life wearing Book Of Life T_Shirt will meet you and greet you on arrival at Chileka Airport and take you to Volunteer guest house or host family which will be your Base for Volunteering. From Blantyre (Chileka Airport) to Zomba City it is 1hour 30 minutes but we also welcome those come to Malawi via Kamuzu International Airport. PROJECT LOCATION There are several locations where volunteers will join our local volunteers in rural communities and sometimes will be working in outreach teams to help the lost Souls in remote communities and in our Youth Bible Study Centres. ACCOMMODATION Volunteers will be provided accommodation in a Volunteer house or in a homestay accommodation managed by local Coordinating Team of Book Of Life. Meals will be provided three times per day such as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from Monday to Sunday. LOCATION OF THE PROJECT _COUNTRY MALAWI Malawi is landlocked country in southern Africa. It is endowed with spectacular Highlands and extensive lakes, it occupies a narrow curving strip of land along the East African Rift Valley. Malawi has lakes such as Lake Malawi, Lake Chiuta and Lake Chilwa. It has games, parks and plateaus. Malawi has two International Airport namely ;Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe and Chileka International Airport in Blantyre. Kamuzu International Airport is located in Lilongwe the capital city of Malawi while Chileka International is in Blantyre in commercial city of Malawi and it is in the southern region. ZOMBA CIYT This is the City where Book Of Life is based in. Zomba City is a city in southern region Malawi, in the Shire Highlands. It is the former capital city of Malawi. It was the capital of first British Central Africa and then Nyasaland protectorate before the establishment of Malawi in 1964.Zomba is situated at the foot of a 2000m mountain in between Blantyre and Liwonde with stunning views on Mulanje Mountain just 60km away. It is home of the University of Malawi and one of the biggest markets in Malawi. It is the only district that has Mental hospital in Malawi. It has Lake Chilwa, two barracks and airwing (airbase) and two prisons. Malawi's Zomba Plateau is unique. A great slab of a mountain standing at 1200m(6000ft)and with peaks topping 2000m, it has vast tracts of cedar, pine and cypress but elsewhere the vegetation is wild and mixed. Zomba Plateau has well known Hotel Chawe In it has a Dam called Mulunguzi that supply water the whole city. Zomba Mountain is a centre of tourist attraction. It was the first seat of Malawi government before moving to Lilongwe.

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It is ongoing

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It is $135 per week. See also on Program Cost. 135 dollar covers up accommodation, meals, program work, 24 hours support and airport pick

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