Awaken is an organization for anyone and everyone to discover themselves while exploring the world.

Awaken does not simply offer tours around Ecuador; what Awaken fosters are travel experiences with hands-on learning and personal reflection all alongside an Ecuadorian family. In addition to travel, we are also linked to a youth foundation in the city of Quito.

Our mission is to provide transformative travel experiences, allowing people to live unique and unforgettable moments while experiencing adventures that spur personal development.

Awaken is a social enterprise, and thus we also have a wonderful foundation for kids in which we are always seeking passionate volunteers to work with our youth!

In addition, we offer professional skills development workshops in the following areas: negotiation and conflict resolution, leadership, teamwork, public speaking, mindfulness, inter/intra-communication, and neurocodex. Our workshops are created by using the scientific bases of emotional intelligence, positive psychology, neurolinguistic programming, coaching, systemic thinking, and experiential learning.

Duration / Dates

We offer programs and placements from tours around Ecuador to volunteering at the youth foundation. All have year-round availability.

Costs / Pay

All have different costs. For example, many of our travel programs start at $1,200 for one week. Study abroad (can choose to study with one of two universities that partner with Awaken) is $9,000 for the semester. For volunteers and interns, we simply ask that they pay for accommodation as we all live in the Awaken house together.

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