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Aussie Summer Camps provide amazing summer experiences for young teenagers from all over the world. Imagine spending your summer by an Australian beach, learning to surf, snorkel and kayak, in some of the most spectacular and pristine waters in the world.

Then, imagine sharing this experience with someone from the other side of the world! Making life long friends that you can visit with after senior school, meet again in another country, or show your home town to.

Aussie Summer Camps is dedicated to growing global citizens, who can view their environment with worldly eyes, thereby improving our global society. Independence and confidence are our two core values. Learning to handle yourself in International environments, and having the confidence to follow your dreams of the future, wherever they may lead you.

But enough of the outcomes- how about the fun of getting there! With dedicated surf school catering to every level- from beginner to wanna be pro, days of exploration of one of the world's natural wonders The Great Barrier Reef and traditional Aussie cultural experiences, Aussie Summer Camps are all about getting outdoors, engaging with nature, appreciating the environment and fun!

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