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Since 2006 we've been flying loving au pairs from all corners of the globe to join busy Kiwi host families in New Zealand, providing quality in-home care and education for their little ones.  

Today we have hundreds of families enrolled in our early learning programmes and nearly forty staff working in Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Taranaki, Christchurch and Otago. Our nationwide presence means our customers benefit from a personal, safe and reliable service throughout New Zealand.

Our mission is to provide high quality early learning and care in a secure and loving home environment. Through linking loving au pairs with our tamariki and their families we nurture cultural understanding, positive learning outcomes and life changing experiences.

At Au Pair Link we believe our tamariki, whānau and au pairs have the opportunity to share language, cultural beliefs, values and traditions, thus creating unique learning experiences and an awareness of the wider world. 

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Au Pair Link Reviews

Really good choice!

Since 4 month I'm in NZ with Au pair link now and it's amazing! I never had a bad feeling yet, NZ is amazing! Au pair link was a good choice, because they care about the Au pair and the Hostfamily. They have a lot of families and make sure you find a good one. Even if you're in Rematch they do their best to help you (I have 2 friends, who were in Rematch, went well).
Only problems for me are: a lot of emails, because they have sooo many activities, but you can't really read them all. And you can't write to families, you can only send them a smiley and add them to your favourites.
But these are just smaller things. I really feel good, home and never alone on the other side of the world without my family.

By: Paula
Nationality: German
Age: 18

Best experience of my life

I've been to NZ as an au pair in 2015/16 and looking back, it was a perfect experience. I have made friends for a lifetime, had a wonderful time with my host family, got to experience the New Zealand culture and being an au pair changed my personality in so many positive ways. I'm way more confident, open-minded and patient now and my English is a lot better, which is very helpful for my studies at university. All in all, I being an au pair in New Zealand was an amazing experience and it wouldn't have been possible without Au Pair Link. I found the most amazing host family I could have wished for, became friends with other au pairs through Au Pair Link and had exciting outings with the agency. The programme managers cared well about the families and the au pairs and I always felt safe and comfortable with the agency. None of my amazing experiences would have been possible without Au Pair Link, so I'm very thankful for all the effort they make to make the au pairs' stay as enjoyable as possible.

By: Anna
Nationality: German
Age: 21

Good Time

Really nice, I'm currently in NZ with aupair link and I am very happy that I've chosen this organisation! Compared to others, I get the best salary as well. The only thing that annoys me a little bit are that I get a lot of emails but the have so many activities what is nice on the other hand.

By: Olivia
Nationality: german
Age: 20

Just Amazing

Been in Taranaki, New Zealand a year with Au Pair Link and they are an amazing organization with very helpful and caring managers who will help you throughout your year and are always there for you. Going as an au pair to the other side of the world and living with your employers are both challenging and scary but Au Pair Link are there to help you during the whole process

By: Anna
Nationality: Sweden
Age: 20

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