ARFA is an NGO devoted to the conservation of wildlife in Venezuela, through educational programmes and its centre where animals of the central plains are rescued and rehabilitated.

SPECIES: Capuchin monkey (cebus olivacea), howler monkey (allouata sealicus), aquatic turtles and terrapins, parrots, macaw (Ara spp.). Occasionaly deer (Manzama americana), ant eating bear (Myrmecophaga tridactila), iguana, alligator, some birds of prey and many other bird species from the area.

HABITAT: Plains or flatlands, 'llanos' (similar to savannah), rainforest.

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: Flatlands of the Edo.Cojedes, between the towns of Las Vegas and Tirado, Central Venezuela.

TRAVEL INFORMATION: Airplane to Caracas , car or bus from Caracas to project area. Transportation from Caracas to project area will be provided.

DURATION: 2-3 months.

PERIOD: Year round.

AGE: Min. 22.

QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILLS: Graduated veterinarian or biologist; or last year veterinary or biology student or related careers.

VOLUNTEERS WORK: Feeding the animals, facility maintenance, assistance with the ecological educational programmes, wildlife record keeping and observation, assistance on wildlife rehabilitation.

LANGUAGE: Spanish, but staff also understands English.

ACCOMMODATION: Private room in a house with indoor bathroom and shower.

COST: US $120 non-refundable, payable at registration. Room, accommodation and simple meals are provided.

LONG TERM: There is no limit of time for long-term stays.

APPLICATION: Via e-mail with the subject heading: 'Volunteer program'. In the text, include CV, letter of intentions and possible dates.

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