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"Promoting Cultural Understanding One Experience At A Time" Providing socially responsible volunteer opportunities, internships, and cultural awareness programs in Southern Africa & the Caribbean

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Although Anir Experience and the Anir Foundation focus on Southern Africa, the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010 on Haiti cannot be ignored. For over 12 years Anir
Experience has been pulling together teams to work on projects such as building houses, research in HIV/AIDS, malaria and other health and community issues in Southern Africa. We are now calling on past and new volunteers to join us in helping at least a small portion of the Haitian population rebuild their lives.

We are planning on pulling together 3 teams of 15 persons each, one medical/health care team, one construction team and one “what needs to be done” team which will include working with orphaned children.

Applicants must be over the age of 18

Applicants should be:
well organized
Eager to learn new things and have new experiences
Emotionally flexible & stable
Able to work under pressure and in hardship conditions
Can easily adjust to change
A great desire to learn more about yourself and eager to
experience a new culture and life style with a strong interest in
any of the following:

Community Health
Children and Youth

We are a 100% volunteer organization - we are not endowed -
we are project-to-project driven and fund raise for all we do.
We have no paid staff or paid volunteers - All team members
must be financially self-supporting.

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South Africa

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