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The ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre (AWRC) is Singapore’s first facility dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade and injured native wild animals.



Wildlife Rescue

Adventurers, join Team Wildlife Rescue! Follow our veteran rescuers who man our 24-hour Wildlife Rescue Hotline and go on daily missions to save wild animals in Singapore. Every mission has its twists and turns, nothing is mundane. Saving the lives of our precious animal neighbours is a calling for the brave and noble-hearted!  



Wildlife Sanctuary

The wild animals rescued at our Wildlife Sanctuary are all victims of the illegal exotic pet trade, and have suffered greatly. At our Outdoor Sanctuary Area, they enjoy a second chance at life, in naturalistic open enclosures. But it takes a lot more than a nice home to keep them happy and healthy. Whatever their shape, size or species, our foreign guests deserve a comfortably ‘wild’ stay. Members of Team Wildlife Sanctuary provide daily care for the animals, and are tasked with thinking of new ways to keep life interesting for them through behavioural enrichment.   



Team Fundraising is a melting pot of fundraisers, designers, creatives, and event organisers. The lifeblood of our work and campaigns lies in your hands. Lend your talents to the fundraising activities of your choice, and directly enable ACRES to bring animal protection to greater heights this year!   Sign Up Here!


Project-based volunteer work (Recommended for VIA & Service Learning)

We have a selection of projects that are recommended and suitable for fulfilling your VIA (Values In Action) & Service Learning hours. Click here to download the Project Brief. If you have specific enquiries about volunteering through these avenues, please drop us an email.

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Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES) Reviews

Volunteering & Education

During my time as a volunteer I worked with the tortoises and turtles.
There were daily tasks which needed to be done, come rain or shine and others were weather dependent.

Daily tasks during the morning included preparing breakfast for the tortoises, setting out their water and food sheets, distributing their food, bringing the tortoises out of their night shelters and checking their eyes and nose in case anyone needed to be referred to the vet, cleaning out their night shelters, washing their den trays, scooping out the turtles ponds etc.
Afternoon: preparing night shelters, preparing their food, cleaning up water bowls and food sheets, and at about 4.30 pm putting the tortoises in their night shelters - counting them (very necessary as they were ace at camouflaging and concealing themselves) and once again giving them a health check.

Other tasks included cutting down bananas and separating them ready for the iguanas, cutting down dead leaves, general maintenance, helping clean out the snakes houses, helping out in the office. For example on the Sunday after I arrived they were holding their Flag Day - apparently each charity is only allocated 1 day per year so it’s a very important event. My task was to attach stickers to the tins. Soon some other volunteers from Uni. joined in.

I liked having a main routine which was then interspersed with other tasks. ACRES has volunteers from local schools and universities which I found to be a good way to educate the younger generation. It was also good to be part of a scheme that was supported by local people rather than solely by international volunteers.

By: Gill Hibbitt
Nationality: British
Age: 64

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