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Blue Sky Travel (BST) is a responsible travel company operating in northern Ghana, owned and run by child rights and community development NGO, AfriKids.


BST offers a range of rich and unique learning and development trips which focus on immersing guests in the rich culture and heritage of this untouched corner of the globe. All BST's trips are of international standard whilst planned and delivered in close partnership with local community. 100% of the profits generated by BST fund AfriKids projects in Ghana.

AfriKids is a partnership between a UK charity (AfriKids UK), and a Ghanaian Non-Governmental Organisation (AfriKids Ghana), working together to protect and promote child rights in northern Ghana. Our simple philosophy is to listen to what a community knows it needs, empower them to make the necessary changes themselves, ensure absolute sustainability.

Alongside a number of pioneering child rights projects owned and run by a local team of 142 staff, all of whom grew up in the communities they now work in, AfriKids owns and runs a number of social enterprises – all of which aim to create new jobs in the region, provide quality goods and services and generate profits to fund AfriKids’ charity work. AfriKids’ portfolio of local businesses and linkages in Ghana will reduce, and eventually end, AfriKids Ghana’s dependence on charitable donations.

With the hospitality and tourism industry internationally recognised as one of the most significant growth areas for emerging economies, AfriKids launched its responsible travel company, Blue Sky Travel. Whilst one of the poorest regions on earth, northern Ghana is a culturally vibrant and dynamic part of Ghana, boasting unspoilt landscapes, rich culture and heritage and an incredibly warm welcome from its famously friendly and inspirational people. BST immerses guests in this environment via a number of carefully developed responsible travel and tour packages.

A particularly popular package with guests and locals alike is the Experience Challenge, a truly immersive cultural exchange with a traditional family home stay (

Duration / Dates

Choose from either:
Sunday 1st to Sunday 8th November 2015; or
Sunday 8th to Sunday 15th November 2015

To discuss alternative dates to suit your availability, please get in touch

Costs / Pay

Cost per person from £500 (excluding international flight, visa, vaccinations, travel insurance)

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