African Wildlife Tours

This is possibly the only safari tour company that focuses on an individual, couple or private group and has a completely personalised one-on-one interaction...

... from start to finish with the founder / owner Joy, who personally undertakes each tour herself as your expert driver / safari tour guide and companion. On tour you will have the luxury of not only the vehicle to yourself, but the luxury of the entire tour centered around your interests, at your own pace and with your own personal guide giving you her complete, undivided attention.

If you are really serious about the bush and your wildlife experience, don't take chances and find yourself possibly regimented and "herded" about. Let someone who is passionate about wildlife, loves people and her country, show you in comfort and style - no battling for a window seat or being cramped and having to socialise and fit in with strangers.

The luxury of having a tour all to yourself need not cost the earth. Our prices are very competitive with those of the other leading tour operators.

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