African Volunteer Adventures

African Volunteer Adventures (AVA) is a Ugandan Tours and Safari Company established to deliver an enriching responsible African holiday experience for their customers, with its head offices in Uganda. 

About Us

African Volunteer Adventures has offices and currently operating in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Ghana. African Volunteer Adventures is run by native African natives who are passionate about their continent, their people, their natural resources and providing you with the highest quality yet educational, motivational, inspirational, fun tourism experience that responsibly contribute to the conservation of Africa's beautiful natural resources - her parks, lands and indigenous animals, most notably the endangered mountain gorillas - as well as the development socio-economic and well being of local people.

In order to create an unforgettable experience for you, African Volunteer Adventures is staffed by people who have not only been trained in community developments, conservation and eco-tourism, but also have African experience with the culture, animals and people you will encounter in all the countries of our operation.


We Offer...

  • Unforgettable wildlife experiences
  • Excellent and very knowledgeable guides
  • Custom designed four-wheel drive vehicles
  • Delicious cuisine and friendly people
  • The type of accommodation you want, from camping to medium to very luxurious

Our aim is to organize trips which give our guests the best African Wildlife experience. We put into practice the numerous requests of our clients to arrange some of the finest trips in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ghana.

We offer a range of exciting journeys and are proud to offer affordable and customized Safari options for your Ugandan, Rwandan or Tanzanian holiday. You can personalize the offered tours, or arrange your own tours with us, based on your interest, budget, time scale and other requirements

The tours and safaris we offer give you access to the most beautiful parts of Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. Whether it is a luxury lodge safari, staying in the best accommodations this part of the world has to offer or one of our budget trips that stay in thatched style rooms or even camping in some of the most scenic sites under the great African sky, we will make your safari a very memorable time.

Please do not hesitate to inquire about our Tours or Tailor made safaris, we are always happy to help any Traveler/tourist and researcher who wants to know about the Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana and/or Tanzania. We also give free travel information to anybody inquiring.

Also, volunteering is our pleasure and African Volunteer Adventures has worked with different people with varied information and knowledge in community work around Africa.

Be the first to book one of our tours and be the first to help make a difference!

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