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African Impact is a multi-award winning volunteer travel organisation operating responsible and sustainable volunteer projects and internship programs throughout Southern and East Africa.   We seek to maximise the positive impact of voluntourism in Africa, both for volunteers and for communities and conservation efforts.

African Impact is a multi-award winning volunteer travel organisation offering meaningful interactive volunteer projects and internship programs throughout Southern and East Africa.   Founded in 2004 in Zimbabwe, we have 10 years’ experience and have facilitated over 10,000 volunteers in 12 countries across the continent, making us the largest on-the-ground African specialists in volunteer tourism.   


Maximising the Power of Volunteering

We truly believe in making a difference and seek to maximise the positive impact of voluntourism in Africa, both for volunteers and for communities and conservation efforts.  To us, volunteering is a two-way thing. It’s not just about the hands-on help and skills that volunteers bring; it’s also about what this amazing continent, its people and its wildlife can give those volunteers in return. 


Our Charity:  The Happy Africa Foundation

As part of our commitment to making a positive impact, we set up The Happy Africa Foundation in 2008. The charity helps to independently monitor our projects and provides tools and expertise that help to ensure our sustainability. The charity also ensures that donations given by our volunteers are managed responsibly.

Through our close partnership with them The Happy Africa Foundation has grown into an organisation that has funded numerous initiatives and programs in the communities where African Impact volunteer projects are based.  The charity is proud to have financed the building of clinics, crèches and school classrooms, provided communities with education and skills training and helped beneficiaries improve their wellbeing and quality of life through improved nutrition and the provision of much-needed health equipment.


Our Projects

To ensure the sustainability of our projects, we thoroughly evaluate each potential project with a detailed scorecard before setting up a volunteering program. This involves analysing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a project as well as its long-term viability and impact. Also, every single one of our projects has community stakeholders. We won’t run a project unless the community not only wants us there, but actually has ownership of the project. Community buy-in is essential.

At African Impact we take a holistic approach to the implementation and running of our projects. We always aim to integrate ourselves into every level of the community working from grass roots to local governments.   We have a core emphasis on learning and empowerment for all involved – changing the lives of people in the communities we impact, our volunteers and all African Impact staff. 



We offer volunteer projects and internship programs all year round.



Our volunteer fee covers all food and accommodation, airport collection and transfers, transport to and from projects, 24 hour support from trained staff on the ground and comprehensive orientation sessions.

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African Impact Reviews

Everlasting impact.

I volunteered with AI in my gap-year of high school in 2015. I went on the South African trip involving the BIG 5 for one month. It was a trip that changed my life! After the month volunteering I was lucky enough to score an internship with AI as their research assistant and stayed on for another 3 months. The staff at AI are like a family to me now. The work they do is far more than just tourism, it's conservation education, it's turning apathy into action all whilst giving you an incredible travel experience abroad! I would recommend travelling with AI to anyone who has a desire for adventure, conservation and a everlasting impact!

By: Roxy
Nationality: Australian
Age: 21

Livingstone built-it project

I went on a gap year, I went to do three month in the livingstone, Zambia 🇿🇲, for the building project, I had a lot fun and made loads of new experiences, I really enjoyed the African impact livingstone a lot, I met loads of new people and helped to contribute to the livingstone community via farming, teaching, Build-It and gender equality!

It was the best three months of my life!

By: Anton
Nationality: German-British
Age: 19

Life changing

I have volunteered with African Impact twice. The first time for two weeks in October 2015 the Lion Project in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and the second time as an Alert Intern on community projects for three months at the same place! When I first decided to go I just wanted to do something different in my gap-year before I went backpacking in Asia and Australia. However, after my year of traveling the one adventure that made the deepest impact on me was my three weeks in Africa. Therefore I decided to go back, instead of going to school for another year. I stayed in VicFalls from November 2016 to February 2017. It is with our doubt the most interesting, exciting and most amazing three months of my life. I feel in love the culture and the people, and I admire the way they live their life. I left for Africa knowing that I wanted to go back for a few months, but. It what I wanted to do after. I left Africa knowing that I want to become a teacher, and if I'm getting the opportunity, I will go abroad and teach! Go volunteering, it will change your way of looking at life! ❤️😊

By: Amalie
Nationality: Norway
Age: 21

Volunteering and fun

In total I have volunteered on 3 different projects in 3 different countries over a period of 8 months with African Impact.
And those 8 months are at the moment the best months of my life!
I met the most beautiful people from around the world. And every one of them I keep close to my heart.
Some of them were staff, others were volunteers and of course some were locals from the communities.
I'm really thankful for each and every one of them.

African Impact is an amazing organization, where you know where your money goes to. The staff is amazing and helpful.
From the moment you book your stay all the way until the end of your stay they will be there to help you.
If you stay for a longer time on a project, you can see and feel the impact you make.
But sometimes you can even see the impact immediately. And through Facebook you are kept up-to-date with all the future things that happen at the project.

These 8 months are definitely not gonna be my last months of volunteering with African Impact!

By: Inne
Nationality: Belgian
Age: 20

Life changing experience with ever lasting memories

Me and my partner were excited and nervous the day we were waiting outside our hotel at the airport to be picked up by one of the team and as soon as we met Dan and the rest of the team they made us feel so welcome. The house felt like one big family and we worked as a team and became good friends.
The work was challenging and emotional at times but just seeing the children smile and appreciate things we always take for granted for example clean water. It was inspiring seeing how the community works together to give the best they can back to the children. African Impact always ensured we always had support and that we were safe. The gave us excellent training and information and could not recommended this company enough.
The memories I have from my time spent at the lion house in Cape town will stay with me and my partner forever, we have also made some forever friends who we plan on meeting with very soon.
Thanks Vicki, Dan, Alice and everyone else you really helped us and educated us on so many levels. We hope to see you again in the near future.

By: Charlotte Davies
Nationality: Welsh
Age: 29

Absolutely Incredible

African Impact provided a unique opportunity for me at a wonderful site in Zimbabwe called Antelope Park. It was through the help of emails sent back and forth between people at AP, questions for my friend Kristin Tadlock that works in Vic Falls, and an ambassador for the program, Clara Corbett, that I was able to acquire the knowledge needed to volunteer with African Impact. While there, I made friends from all parts of the world, each bringing their own unique perspective to AP. My program was hands-on lion conservation and community healthcare. I was able to help in th delivery of a beautiful baby, I assisted in caring and conserving the king of the jungle, I helped in the initial steps of building a school in a rural community, I had a chance to help in the rescue of a zebra caught in a snare trap, I visited the gorgeous world wonder that is Victoria Falls, I helped teach children English and math, and SO much more. But most importantly, I developed lasting friendships with some of the most amazing humans on the planet—both volunteers and workers. These people truly cultivated an amazing experience for me during my two week stay. For that, I am forever grateful. So, thank you Antelope Park and African Impact for giving me skills, memories, and friendships to last a lifetime. I’d LOVE to volunteer again with you all!

By: Bryant
Nationality: United States
Age: 27

Vic Falls/Livingstone

I flew out to Zambia in January of 2017, so earlier this year and I have to say it was probably one of the most incredible and amazing trips I have ever been on, and I'm fresh in college. I stayed there doing medical volunteering for two weeks, along with helping out with the local children. The staff are amazing, along with the local folk who dedicate their time to African Impact. It was so memorable that I plan to apply for the graphic design internship through AI in Cape Town within a couple years.

By: Kenzie
Nationality: American
Age: 19

Trip of a lifetime!

I’m recently home from my second trip to Zimbabwe with AI. The first time we spent a couple of weeks volunteering in Imire Rhino and wildlife conservation centre and had the most amazing experience. We loved it so much we made sure to return on the last leg of this trip. This time we started off in Antelope Park doing the community and lion project which was absolutely life changing getting to experience the work they do with the community and the animals also. After our visit we of course returned to Imire for one week.

I will be back to both places again for sure 😊

By: Mary Drummond
Nationality: Irish
Age: 30

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