African Edu-Eco Wizard (PTY) Ltd

African Edu-Eco Wizard is a multi-faceted company conceptualised and tested over the last 5 years, culminating in its establishment in 2010 by Wayne Johnson. 

The company specialises in Wildlife, Marine, Conservation, Bush and Adventure Awareness Eco-Adventure and Eco-Learning Programs; Volunteer Experiences; INTERNS; and GAP Experiences.

The Wildlife, Marine & Conservation Volunteer Eco-Adventure Program Hub comprises specialist outcome based experiential adventure Volunteer Eco-Learning experiences focusing on our commitment and philosophy giving Volunteers an eco-experience of a lifetime. Whether it is working with Volunteer Elephant Management initiatives or in the day-to-day operation of a Game Ranch or being involved in an Outcome based Research program or being part of an Outcome-based Eco-Learning program, we have a program where one can get down and dirty in our adventurous, experiential, fun-filled and fulfilling African experiences. Our portfolio comprises a Wildlife Volunteer Eco-Adventure Hub; an African Elephant Volunteer Eco-Adventure Hub; a Marine Volunteer Eco-Adventure Hub; and a Conservation Volunteer Eco-Adventure Hub.

The Wildlife, Marine, Conservation & Adventure Experiential Eco-Learning Hub comprises a number of exciting and innovative Wildlife, Bush, Marine, Conservation and Adventure Awareness Eco-Learning Experiences which not only focuses on formal training but also caters for individuals with enquiring minds and an innate desire to learn more about the environment, biodiversity and the various inhabitants, habitats and  relationships in the various eco-system hubs and the role, form and function of iconic animals identified as core to our programs. Our primary focus is on experiential eco-adventure, wildlife, marine and conservation eco-learning supported by practical, measurable and tangible applicable skills development. Participants are taught to be professional, ethical, responsible and safe users of the environment.

Our innovative sustainable eco-learning and teaching philosophy is mirrored in the Chinese proverb; “What I hear I forget; What I see, I remember; What I do I know”. Experiential Eco-Learning is our primary objective and we believe that the best wildlife, marine, bush, conservation and adventure eco-learning comes through an experiential ‘hands-on’ approach to learning and ‘first-hand’ outcome-based adventure experiences. Our portfolio of Eco-Learning experiences include a Marine Education & Marine Awareness Eco-Learning Adventure Program Hub; a Formal Wildlife & Bush Awareness Eco-Learning Program Hub; a Special Interest Wildlife & Bush Awareness Eco-Learning Program Hub; a Wildlife Education & Conservation Eco-Learning Program Hub; and a Specialised Game Lodge & Wildlife Conservation Industry Site Specific Experiential Eco-Learning Program Hub.

The GAP Eco-Adventure and Eco-Learning Skills Program Hub focuses on individuals taking a month or a year out between school and university or university and their first employment opportunity or for those individuals needing a break between career changes or for those seeking a complete life altering direction in life. Our aim is to provide a platform for individuals to be exposed to a whole host of eco-adventures, life skills development and eco-learning opportunities built on our experiential learning outcomes based philosophy which is embedded in our seven core pillars of growth and development. Our belief is that a productive, effectively managed and constructed GAP year or portion thereof offers a variety of educational benefits to young and old people alike with the opportunity to acquire applicable life skills, skill sets  and personal experiential development opportunities. Our portfolio of GAP Eco-Adventure Experiences include a GAP Scholar/Graduate Hub; a GAP Life Skills Hub; a GAP Adventure Hub; a GAP Wildlife & Bush Hub; a GAP Marine & Conservation HUB; a GAP-50+ HUB; and a GAP-Twin Community Life Skills Hub.


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