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Premium overland travel & photographic opportunities throughout East & Southern Africa in more comfort with innovative facilities for the more inspired traveller.

Africa-in-Focus provides the most comfortable and inclusive overland tours available - while not the cheapest we believe we offer best value for money.

Our overland vehicle seats only 16 passengers giving you a lot more legroom than the other overland vehicles (over a meter) with two personal twin storage lockers rather than a communal packing area, one is located at your feet and the other is accessible from outside.

As well as experiencing the wildlife, stunning landscapes and culture of Africa, there is some emphasis on Photography: our tour leader and qualified photographer is there to help you get more out of the photographic opportunities, with several laptop computers available for downloading digital images and burning them to CD/DVD during your safari with us! (We are the only overland company to offer this facility.)

Our tours are geared toward those that wish to gain better insight into the countries that we visit, our general age range is from late twenties/early thirties up to about 75 and from all walks of life, we try to discourage gap year students as this is not a ‘party tour!’

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